Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Mizuno Rebula
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $180
Brand: Mizuno
Colorways: White
Small True to size Large
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  • Despite being a second installment for the Mizuno Rebula series, the Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 Firm Ground maintains the classy design of the first generation. It is engineered as a control cleat. Therefore, players who long for passing accuracy will definitely enjoy this soccer shoe.
  • It features a 360-degree kangaroo leather upper for a comfortable fit. The upper also offers unparalleled touch and stability. K-leather has always been a trusted material for classic soccer cleats such as the Nike Premier II Firm Ground and Adidas Mundial Goal.
  • The new CT Frame found on the MIJ version is also present on this soccer cleat. It is an original Mizuno technology placed in the forefoot area. It is developed with comfort and ball control in mind.
  • This soccer cleat has a dual-density outsole made of nylon and TPU. It is built for superior acceleration on the pitch. Its technically-positioned studs offer not just excellent traction but also stability on firm ground (FG) surfaces as well. Thanks to the Stabilizer Studs that are helpful in maintaining the user’s balance while on the pitch.

The Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 Firm Ground comes in sizes 7 to 13 in men’s version only. This soccer cleat has a tight fit right out of the box, but because the upper is made of soft leather, it quickly molds to the shape of the foot creating a comfortable fit after a few wears.

The dual-density outsole of the Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 Firm Ground maximizes traction and acceleration on dry, natural grass pitches. It is made of durable nylon and TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) materials.

The stud pattern of this soccer cleat is specifically positioned to provide traction and stability on the pitch. The Stabilizer Studs allow improved stability all throughout the 90-minute game.

The Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 Firm Ground has a 360-degree construction upper. The kangaroo leather material used offers a luxurious and precise touch on the ball. It stretches and follows the natural curves of the foot over time.

Its new CT Control Frame on the forefoot area, which is made of memory foam, is crafted to provide barefoot touch and enhanced control of the ball. Instead of the usual stitching found on the surface of a leather upper, this soccer cleat uses memory foam underneath the surface to keep the leather from overstretching.

This soccer cleat has a central lacing system and a mesh tongue. It also has a supportive and stretchy mesh that extends from the tongue towards the underside of the insole. This added feature keeps the foot locked in place especially when making quick lateral movements.

  • A Made in Japan version is available for this soccer cleat.
  • The Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 Firm Ground also comes in AG version.
  • This revolutionary soccer cleat weighs 220 grams.