We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Most of the runners noted that the excellent traction of the Road Glove 3 gave them confidence during their running sessions.
  • The Merrell Road Glove 3 is lighter by a substantial margin than any of the past versions.
  • Some runners liked the way the upper moved with the foot.
  • Many of the testers easily welcomed its breathable upper unit.
  • While this is built for shorter distances, a few experts observed that it became a great option for minimalist runners who like middle-distance runs.
  • The outsole durability impressed a handful of runners.
  • It has an affordable price.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few runners were disappointed with the wide heel as it caused some wobbly heel movement.
  • A small number of runners found the Merrell Glove 3 as somewhat stiffer compared to other shoes of the same type.
  • There were complaints saying that it was only meant for short distance runs because they felt foot soreness when wearing it for an extended length of time.

Bottom line

The Merrell Glove 3 is an excellent minimalist shoe. It wraps the mid-foot very well, yet it offers almost no arch support. Barefoot-inclined individuals are the ones who are going to fully enjoy what it has to offer. Though a few found some drawbacks, it is still considered by many as a successful update to the notable Glove model.



A top rated Road running shoe
It has never been more popular than this June

Expert Reviews

86 / 100 based on 5 expert reviews

  • 88 / 100 | Runblogger | | Level 5 expert

    I’m quite impressed with the sole of this shoe, and actually wish that this sole was the base for some of the other Merrell Barefoot shoes that I have worn.

  • 89 / 100 | Minimalist Running Shoes | | Level 4 expert

    If you are looking for an upgrade to your current minimalist shoe (4mm drop or lower), the Merrell Road Glove 2 with 0mm drop and minimal cushioning is the next shoe for you.

  • 89 / 100 | Glow Magazine | | Level 1 expert

    A lovely light shoe that I especially my short (tempo) training will do.

  • 88 / 100 | The Fat Panther | Level 1 expert

    The interior is soft and open, with a tight heel box and a very wide, open toe box that really lets your feet hunt for grip. 

  • 57 / 100 | Toe Salad | | Level 1 expert

    Synthetic shoes are always more susceptible to smell. The Road Glove has been treated with an anti-odor process, my experience with these things is that they don't last for long though (especially after I have worn the shoes wet).

Become an expert
  • The 3rd version of the Road Glove from Merrell greatly improves upon its predecessor with a more appealing upper design that caters to the contemporary tastes of today’s runners. The consistent color scheme makes it pleasing to look at and its overall minimalist design lets it do its intended purpose well.
  • The upper unit of the Merrell Road Glove 3 has a more open construction that the Road Glove 2. The breathable fabric used for the upper features noticeably holes that constantly let air inside the shoe. It’s a more effective way in keeping the foot dry and cool at all times.
  • The sole unit of this cheap shoe for running has been retooled to perform more effectively on the roads. It has a 4mm thickness and it’s made of a durable yet responsive foam that’s reliable in keeping the foot comfortable during activities. Flexibility is still highly afforded by this running shoe, so natural movement isn’t restricted.
  • One of the strongest and most dependable outsole components has been used for the outsole unit of the Merrell Road Glove 3. It is able to protect the sole unit from abrasion and wear. Traction is also a part of its service.

The Merrell Road Glove 3 has a standard running shoe length. It comes in a variety of sizes that adhere to the regular measurements. The heel, mid-foot and forefoot sections have a medium width and volume. It can accommodate runners with medium-sized feet. Its semi-curved shape lets the natural curvature of the foot to acclimate well to it.

The Vibram TC 1 Outsole unit is featured on the external side of the sole unit. It’s one of the most durable components in the market. It offers durable protection against wear and tearing. Runners can be confident that the outsole won’t peel off easily, even after multiple uses.

The minimalist outsole construction allows runners to experience a near-barefoot style of running. It allows a more palpable feel of the asphalt, but it doesn’t sacrifice the flexibility of the entire sole unit itself.

The midsole unit makes use of a foam that’s 4mm thick. It’s made from compression molded Ethylene vinyl acetate or CMEVA. It delivers a moderately plush underfoot cushioning, shock attenuation and responsive performance that’s reliable. It also doesn’t limit the flexibility of the entire sole unit, so the foot is still able to go through the gait cycle with ease and comfort.

The upper unit makes use of a mesh material that has a more open construction. Its breathable nature allows air to seamlessly enter the shoe and keep the foot cool and dry at all times. It’s pliable, as well, so the foot can move more freely even as the upper is hugging it.

The overlay system was made from durable TPU. It’s applied directly onto the upper unit without the use of stitching and it doesn’t have any seams. They’re meant to secure the foot and keep it locked in place for a snug wrap.

The forefoot area features a Toe Bumper that’s been fused onto the upper material. It was designed to provide durable protection for the toes when it comes to debris and other hazards on the road.

A Synthetic Leather Sling is placed on the rear of the shoe. Made from leather, it secures the heel and part of the mid-foot, making sure that the foot is locked down. It also prevents accidental shoe removals.

The insole of the Merrell Road Glove 3 has been integrated right on top of the mid-sole unit. It has been treated with an anti-microbial coating that’s meant to keep the interior environment clean and healthy for the foot.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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