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If dazzling your co-adventurers with quick and agile movements is what you have been dreaming of, the MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX must be on your radar. Yes, a strong dose of athleticism is yours in this hiker, all while giving you shielded comfort through the changing weather. As long as you keep to the manicured parts of the trail, this gear from Merrell can be the only boot that you will ever need.


  • Featherweight
  • Instant comfort
  • Incredible plushness
  • Watertight
  • Super-grippy outsole
  • Supportive


  • Below-average protection
  • Weak rubber bumper

Who should buy the Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX

The Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX is a fairly versatile and light hiking boot best suited for:

  • outdoor enthusiasts and trail-goers who are into speed hiking
  • difficult day hiking and ultralight backpacking

Delivers better performance on the trails

As a successor to the first iteration, the MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX produces better results and performance around the backcountry, according to most reviews.

To that end, the genius shoemakers behind its creation deemed it only fitting for the featured boot to have the following upgrades:

Waterproofing in every direction

With its seamless (a.k.a. InvisibleFit) construction, this waterproof liner from Gore-Tex provides 360° protection from virtually all sorts of moisture.

And with the boot’s bellows tongue, your precious tootsies will experience dryness through some 3-4 inches of water. According to a trusted blogger, the MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX “delivers robust water and weatherproofing.”

MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX offers more protection underfoot

Unlike its predecessor, the MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX comes with a rock plate.

Located around the forefoot, this new addition grants extra protection against pointy rocks without downgrading ground feel.

Grippy outsole

The heavy-duty outsole of the MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX is dotted with 5-mm lugs, which are 1.5 mm deeper than those on the original. To a gear critic, this Merrell offering comes with a super-grippy outsole.

This translates to more enhanced clawing power on rockier terrain and muddier soil in this updated hiker.

Below-average protection

The MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX’s cushy midsole could be more protective against sharper rocks, says an expert.

Yet again, numerous reviewers find the Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX immensely light. A few of them even likened said shoe to a pair of sneakers in this regard.

Weak rubber bumper

Based on a few reports, the toe cap of this piece peels off way too soon. Several reviewers who tried this boot express fairly significant durability issues about the outsole. 

They also added that they found the lugs of the shoe are susceptible to excessive wear on rocky terrain.

Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GTX offers instant comfort

Its incredible plushness is available right from the start, many trail-goers say. Your ankle will be kept safe and secure in this boot. 

Finally, testers love the glove-like fit of the boot. The toe room may be spacious but wearers can cinch it down properly around the midfoot and heel. If you are someone who banks heavily on ankle freedom, try the low-top MQM Flex 2 GTX instead.