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10 reasons to buy

  • A large percentage of users felt like they were walking on clouds with the Moab Edge’s high level of comfort.
  • Many avid Merrell fans admired this hiker’s dependable arch support.
  • This low-cut hiking shoe left dozens of wearers speechless for providing them a true-to-size fit.
  • A multitude of satisfied owners applauded the shoe’s lasting durability.
  • The Moab Edge has excellent traction on uneven terrain and wet rocks, according to many passionate hikers.
  • Quite a number of people fell instantly in love with the shoe’s unbelievable lightness.
  • Merrell’s Moab Edge received heaps of praises from some users for its fantastic breathability.
  • Breaking in this shoe requires little-to-no time at all, based on multiple consumer reviews.
  • A handful of purchasers commended this hiking footwear for giving them good value for money.
  • It’s a versatile shoe, according to a few happy owners. They said that it’s great not just for outdoor adventures, but also for office and casual use.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some disappointed customers shot down the Moab Edge’s toe box. They mentioned that it’s too spacious to get an actual feel of the shoe.
  • A few owners found the lace loops detestable; something in their stitching makes them snap too easily.
  • A small percentage of users experienced heel slippage while wearing the Moab Edge. They concluded that the source of the problem is the footwear’s roomy heel zone.

Bottom line

The Merrell Moab Edge is an amazingly comfortable, low-cut day hiking shoe that has top-notch durability, arch support and traction. It is a true-to-size piece of hiking gear that’s exceedingly lightweight and breathable. Many people gave this footwear much praise for its versatility and almost non-existent break-in time. Some users, however, didn’t appreciate the roominess of the toe box and heel zone, with the latter blamed for causing heel slippage. The flimsy stitching of the lace loops was also mocked by a very few.

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Good to know

  • Designed specifically for hikers on the move, Merrell’s Moab Edge is made lightweight and airy by its breathable, 3D-printed, mesh upper. The shoe has a padded bellows tongue that provides a snug fit and protection against debris. There’s also a synthetic pull tab stitched to the back of the heel for a quick on and off.
  • The cushy midsole is created extra thick to give wearers comfort and stability on unpredictable terrain. It comes with a nylon shank, a component that helps stabilize the wearer’s balance further.
  • Traction on various surface types is achieved through the Vibram TC5+ outsole. This trademarked rubber layer provides adequate grip and stopping power with its zonal treads and multi-directional lugs.

Merrell's Moab Edge is designed for both men and women. A secure lockdown and snug fit is made possible by the shoe’s classic lacing system. This closure system makes use of flat laces which provide a secure lockdown with an even distribution of pressure. The inner liner’s padding around the ankle area provides comfort.

Allowing wearers to hold their footing on level ground securely and uneven surfaces is the work of the Moab Edge’s treaded outsole. Called TC5+, this Vibram-engineered rubber layer is designed to be both durable and grippy over mixed terrain. It promises traction with its 5mm multi-directional lugs and intricate tread patterns. The outsole’s sides also feature treads, promoting lateral movement security.

The outsole extends to the upper’s toe box. This extension serves as the shoe’s defensive bumper, protecting the forefoot area, thereby shielding the toes from stubbing and injuries. A similar outsole extension is also present at the base of the upper’s heel, further reinforcing this part of the shoe and contributing to its heel protection.

The Merrell Moab Edge has a sturdy, single-build midsole, engineered to provide stability, absorb shock, and protect wearers from rough terrain. This rubber platform runs thick for cushioning and has a curved design which allows for flexibility where needed. Additional stability and shock absorption, especially around the base of the heel, is made possible by Merrell’s Air Cushion technology. This piece of proprietary tech sees a groove within the midsole’s heel zone, adding a spring to the hiker’s step. There’s also a molded nylon arch shank embedded within the confines of the midsole. This non-metal component further provides support and flexibility.

For extra comfort, the Moab Edge comes with a Merrel M Select FIT.ECO footbed. It is made of blended EVA which makes it stress-resistant and resilient. It has a contoured arch for added support and a perforated forefoot zone for breathability. This removable insole also organically combats foot odor, leaving the user’s feet smelling fresh for longer periods.

The Moab Edge’s 3D-printed mesh upper is infused with moisture-wicking fabrics which eliminate sweat and prevent heat buildup. It also has an extra layer of protection in the form of a thin, synthetic overlay which mainly covers the footwear’s toe box. The padding within the ankle collar and on the bellows tongue doubles down on comfort, while a stitched-on pull tab located at the back of the heel makes on and off convenient. There’s also a lace keeper stitched vertically along the tongue to lock it in place.

Both ends of the Moab Edge are engineered to maintain enough protection against unexpected bumps and abrasions. The back of the heel has a thick, synthetic overlay. On the other end, the toe box is reinforced with a sturdy toe guard, which is an extension of the shoe’s rubber outsole.

  • The brand recommends the use of mild soap and warm water to clean this footwear, especially after extended and rugged use.
  • Merrell Moab Edge 2 is the successor of this model.


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