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10 reasons to buy

  • Majority of those who reviewed the Merrell Jungle Mid XX Waterproof AC+ placed comfort on its description. 
  • Several of those who commented appreciated the waterproof feature of these sneakers. 
  • The pig suede maintains its shape and easy to keep clean, said one of the wearers. 
  • A couple of testers noted that the Vibram grip could easily be felt. 
  • One of the commenters enjoyed the knit upper of this high-top shoe. 
  • Few of those who reviewed the Jungle Mid XX Waterproof AC+, they would recommend it to anyone. 
  • Those with wide width were quite apprehensive ordering online, but all were delighted that it fit true to size and were able to accommodate their feet. 
  • One was pleased that these Merrell sneakers can hold up on the rough conditions of his job. 
  • A common compliment given by its wearers is the interior of the shoe. The cushioning system and the liner are all plush detailing that cannot be missed. 
  • Few of the users gave plus points to the no break-in period of these sneakers. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of purchasers were not fans of the collar. 
  • Some of the buyers would better appreciate the shoe if there is a conventional tongue which would facilitate the tightness of the shoe. 

Bottom line

The Jungle Mid XX Waterproof AC+ Cleats by Merrell answers the urban city dweller demands. Though there are few glitches with the collar and tongue, this sneaker is equipped with everything that is needed for everyday commute and roaming around the metropolis. The materials and features mesh well, which results in a comfortable, waterproof, grippy, and durable shoe.  


Top: High
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Merrell Casual Shoes
Price: $140
Colorways: Grey
Small True to size Large
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Tough on the outside, but moves along with every step portrays how these sneakers are. The pig suede leather and knit upper are contrasting features that somehow works. The flexible materials allow a sock-like fit and reinforced with the lace enclosure. The Merrell Jungle Mid xx Waterproof AC+ Cleats - men's is offered in sizes 7-15 Medium. 

The Jungle Mid XX WP AC+ follows the impression of the style that Merrell brand established. Its rugged exterior screams urban city dweller but only more sophisticated because of its suede upper. 

The rugged coat looks great when paired with just a simple white shirt and jeans. However, if the event calls for a more dressed up ensemble, changing into a button-down and dark-washed pants is the way to go. 

Having a vast background on the outdoors, there's not much questioning why these lifestyle sneakers are packed with features. With comfort as it one of its primary priorities, the Jungle Mid XX Waterproof AC+ has infused with the Air Cushion+ system which provides comfort for the entire foot. The Vibram outsole is another feature that cannot be missed because it allows for extreme grip for different temperature and weather conditions.

Though it has branched out to different categories now, Merrell, founded by Randy Merrell originated as a hiking cleat. With his vast knowledge in shoemaking, teaming up with Clark Matis and John Schweizer was the best decision as each has a contribution in marketing, business knowledge, and product development. 

The custom hiking cleat, which is the first product launched, possessed qualities like comfort, design, durability, and versatility. These essentially became the core values of the brand and pedaled Merrell to success. Currently, its footwear category is divided into different activities, casual being included on the list. Part of the lifestyle family is the Merrell Jungle Mid XX Waterproof AC+, a tech-infused shoe that took two decades before the release. 

  • The colorways available for this item are both earthy tones-- Boulder and Granite. 


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