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10 reasons to buy

  • Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex shoes are seriously comfy kicks according to many users.
  • These low-tops feel lightweight and flexible, a lot of testers have claimed.
  • The sneakers are form-fitting but allow ample toe space, several people say.
  • A lot of Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex reviewers claim that they get lots of compliments all the time based on how good looking these kicks are.
  • There’s enough arch support in these sneakers, a good number of purchasers have indicated.
  • A handful of customers like the shoes’ versatility.
  • The traction on these sneakers from Merrell is excellent, some consumers have reported.
  • A few individuals are all praises for the shoes’ waterproofing feature.
  • Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex sneakers are true to size, according to some buyers. 
  • The shoes are definitely worth the money, a couple of persons have remarked.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex users have opined that the soles are showing wear much quicker than other Merrell models.
  • One person has expressed disappointment that the green colorway is not as vibrant as pictured.

Bottom line

Switch from hiking mode to everyday wear easily with these kicks. Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex shoes are the ultimate in versatility. These can be worn for long hikes, errands, or any activity where you’ll be on your feet a lot. Plus, they have that stylish design that works for rugged to casual environments.

Wear these under all-weather conditions, secure in the fact that your feet will remain snug and dry inside. The slip-resistant soles keep your stride stable on different surfaces. 


Top: Low
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Merrell Casual Shoes
Closure: Laces
Material: Nubuck
Features: Orthotic friendly
Price: $120
Colorways: Black, Brown, Grey, Red
Small True to size Large
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Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex kicks have men’s and women’s sizes offered. For the men, the measurements available run from 7 to 15, while the women’s go from 5 to 11. The shoes are true to size.

There are enough heel padding and arch support in the sneakers, but in case the user wants more, the insoles are removable and can be replaced with custom orthotics. Because the soles are slightly wider, every step is stable, and the ankles don’t feel like they’re always about to turn.

The shoes have a six-pair eyelet lacing system with reflective laces for a customizable fit. The profile is comfortably snug but with ample space around the toes. 

These fashionable kicks bring a rugged, outdoorsy edge to the usually sporty silhouette of sneakers. Wear with your favorite hiking ensemble or with your usual lifestyle garb. These kicks won’t mind. They’ll look good with both.

Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex sneakers come in four colorways: blue smoke, olive drab, black, and boulder. The women’s version has three, which are brindle, black, and velvet morning. 

These kicks are good to go, rain or shine. The uppers, which are treated with Gore-Tex waterproof membranes, repel the water so that your feet stay dry and warm. The Vibram outsoles provide stability and slip-resistance on different surfaces and tough terrains. There really isn’t any excuse to remain inside even during bad weather when you own Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex shoes.

These shoes also feature Kinetic Fit base footbeds which mold to the shape of the feet. These footbeds offer odor control and absolute arch coverage.

More than 30 years ago, a craftsman by the name of Randy Merrell together with a few associates, set up the Merrell company. Randy was already well-known to many outdoor enthusiasts for his exceptional work with hiking cleats, but the Merrell brand sought to capture a bigger slice of the market by making the shoes widely available at reasonable prices.

In 1998, the brand decided to explore its options in the lifestyle market. It did this by releasing the Jungle Moc model, which was a resounding success. Because of this, Merrell went full blast into the casual shoe department.

Merrell has often incorporated its hiking knowledge in its sneaker releases, resulting in hybrid kicks that look good on the city streets and function well in the great outdoors. One of these hybrid shoes is the Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex model that is versatile enough for everyday wear yet amply practical for long hikes.

  • Merrell Ascent Ride Gore-Tex have reflective laces, tongues, and heel webbings.
  • The kicks contain nylon arch shanks and PU midsoles, toe caps, rands, and heels. 


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