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6 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: Majority of the reviews of Mavic XA Matryx say that it has amazing amounts of comfort.
  • Grip: Plenty of users applaud the excellent traction of this MTB shoe.
  • Well-vented: Several wearers mention that this footwear has adequate airflow.
  • Good looks: The XA Matryx is stylish, according to a number of consumers.
  • Durable: Some owners commend this pair's long-lasting materials and construction.
  • Reasonable price: Given the shoe's good traits, a couple of buyers think the shoe is fairly priced.

1 reason not to buy

  • Casual-level rigidity: Some individuals who are used to uber stiff soles find this bike shoe lacking in rigidity.

Bottom line

Adventure-seeking cyclists may find the Mavic XA Matryx to be an excellent companion. They may discover the shoe's comfort, traction, easy to use closure, and adequately stiff soles to match their needs on and off the bike during one of their excursions.

The mentioned gripe is expected as it is made to flex a bit for walking comfort in hike-a-bike sections of the trails. All in all, the XA Matryx efficiently performs its intended all-around MTB cycling purpose.

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Mavic XA Matryx: An ultra-capable companion for mountain adventure rides

Every element applied to the XA Matryx serves a purpose during your ride. Every component has been designed to make your time on and off the bike comfortable yet efficient.

This shoe belongs in Mavic's mid-range MTB shoe section when it comes to both price and features. Check out its main components below:

Highlights of the XA Matryx

  • The brand's Contragrip tread offers traction and durability and is said to be 25% more grippy in wet conditions compared to others.
  • Comfortable stiffness of 60 out of 100 provides enough power transfer and easy walking.
  • Removable cleat cover that offers the option to switch between flat and SPD cleats.
  • Quicklace closure provides one-step tightening and loosening. Velcro straps tuck away the laces and enhance fit.
  • Reinforcements in toecap proved protection from bumps and impacts.
  • A sleek silhouette that is deemed stylish.

What is it for? The Mavic XA Matryx is a modern trail shoe that is equipped for the following endeavors:

  • Cross country
  • Touring
  • Urban commutes
  • Leisurely trail rides


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