Our verdict


If the Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX were to be judged based on water protection alone, its report card would leave no room for anything other than A+. That said, the footwear in question is more than just a waterproof wonder—it is also a champion of a boot in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and lock-down security.


  • Comfortable footgear
  • Waterproof
  • Super-reliable lacing system
  • Amazingly grippy
  • Excellent ankle support


  • Heavy
  • Runs small

Who should buy the Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX

The Trovat Guide High GTX is a spectacular and worthwhile investment for countless off-trail adventures. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a hiking boot that is reliable traversal performance in their multi-day expeditions. 
  • Prefer a hiking boot that promotes the natural rolling motion of the foot. 
  • Prefer a hiking boot that prevents the ankle from sustaining torsional injuries.

Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX logo 2.0

Secure enough footing on tricky terrain

With its Vibram MT Traction II outsole, the Trovat Guide High GTX is capable of giving its users a secure enough footing on tricky terrain. Both its heel and forefoot sections are laden with multi-faceted lugs, increasing its grip over loose-soiled surfaces. 

Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX outsole

Extra control and safety during descents

It comes with a heel brake that grants backpackers extra control and safety during descents. When this component gets worn beyond effective use, it can be replaced with a new one.

Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX outsole 2.0

Ample cushioning and terrain balance

This backpacking footwear provides wearers with ample cushioning and terrain balance thanks to its stout midsole made of polyurethane. It has a thickly constructed heel zone that gives shock mitigation. Set right on top of it is a stock footbed, giving additional comfort underfoot.

Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX midsole 4.0


The Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX cradles the foot in its part full-grain leather, part textile high-top upper. The lining of its collar is made of Nappa leather. Its bootie is imbued with Gore-Tex’s Performance Comfort technology, giving the gear the capability to stay watertight yet breathable in inclement weather.

Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX upper 6.0

Protection against cuts and scrapes

It has an elastic tongue courtesy of the same waterproofing company. Giving increased protection against cuts and scrapes, it is furnished in its bottom perimeter with a heavy-duty rubber rand. Giving this grounded boot a metallic accent are its combination eyelets. They are made up of closed loops and open hooks. Criss-crossing through them is around synthetic lace.

Mammut Trovat Guide High GTX insole