Who should buy the Mammut Sertig II Low

The Sertig II Low combines agile trail performance and flaunt-worthy appeal. Purchase it if:

  • Semi-rugged valleys and streams are part of your outdoor explorations.
  • You want something quite featherweight with remarkable stability to boot.
  • Breathable hiking shoes that can pass as trail runners are what you prefer.

Mammut Sertig II Low buya

Who should NOT buy it

If roominess is what you need, skip the Sertig II Low for the Danner Trail 2650. And if you're desperate for a shoe with an extra-protective midsole, check out the X Ultra 4 from Salomon.

Mammut Sertig II Low no

A barrage of grip

Numerous reviewers are convinced that the Sertig II Low has an insane level of stickiness. They praised the shoe's tenacity with the following:

  • "Good grip even on wet ground."
  • "Plenty of grip on the dusty trails."
  • "Very good grip on stony ground."

Mammut Sertig II Low grip

The incredibly comfy and snug Sertig II Low

With great remarks such as "super comfortable" and "very comfortable for walking and even running," the Mammut Sertig II Low is a dream to wear. On top of that, there are those who find the featured shoe quite form-fitting, with one saying that "it fits like a glove."

Mammut Sertig II Low comfit

Says no to clammy feet

"Perfect for those warm adventures where waterproofness isn’t a priority"—this is how an expert describes the Sertig II Low on the breathability front. He says that the shoe keeps his feet from "getting all swampy."

Mammut Sertig II Low breath

Wanted: A firmer sole unit

Reviewers find the Sertig II Low not very poke-protective underfoot, with one saying that "it's too soft for stony paths." Besides such terrain, root-filled paths are also a bane to the shoe in question, according to the same adventurer.

Mammut Sertig II Low stiff

Among the lightest day hiking shoes

This quick-drying kick from Mammut is adored by a good number of trail-goers for its lightness. Compared with day hiking shoes, whose average weight is 404 g, the Sertig II Low is lighter by 74 g apiece.

Mammut Sertig II Low light

Stride steadily in the Mammut Sertig II Low

Despite not having a shank in the midsole, the Sertig II Low delivers more than enough stability on rugged ground. It's "super stable," says one of those who have bought the shoe.

Mammut Sertig II Low stable

Sertig II Low: A crowd stunner

Several hikers are amazed by the Mammut Sertig II Low's eye-catching design. These are "super beautiful shoes," says one of them. The same individual also says: "You almost don't want to use them so as not to get them dirty."

Mammut Sertig II Low beauty

Broad-footed hikers beware

There are folks who find the Sertig II Low restrictive overall. "It's probably not a great fit for big, wide feet," one of them says.

Mammut Sertig II Low wide

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 11.6oz
Use: Light Hiking, Speed Hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Breathable
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Mammut
Material: Mesh upper / Fabric

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