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From "extremely happy with the product" to "perfect for my mountaineering endeavors," such convincing remarks give the Kento Tour High GTX a must-own status. Constructed with maneuverability on rocky terrain in mind, this boot from Mammut makes ascents more fluid without dumbing down surefootedness. There's also its super-low asking price, which makes it a fantastic starter shoe for entry-level climbers.


  • 5-star comfort
  • Extra sticky on rock
  • Waterproof
  • Exemplary underfoot support
  • Remarkable toeing precision
  • Lightweight
  • Glove-like fit (men's version)
  • Among the most affordable


  • Non-sturdy lugs
  • No pull loop

Who should buy the Mammut Kento Tour High GTX

The Kento Tour High GTX is a sustainable, versatile B1 mountaineering boot. It's for you if:

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX buya

Who should NOT buy it

With its excellent durability from top to bottom, the Salewa Crow GTX is a fine alternative to the Kento Tour High GTX. Also, check out the Scarpa Zodiac Tech GTX if you prefer a mountaineering boot with a pull loop on the heel.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX no

Comfy ascents in the Kento Tour High GTX

Many mountaineers applaud the Kento Tour High GTX's exceptional snugness. "The most comfortable boots I ever had" is, perhaps, the most compelling remark about the boot's comfort level. That said, the following comments are also quite convincing:

  • "5 ***** from me."—this is from a military veteran.
  • "Comfortable from the start."
  • "It doesn't hurt at all."

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX comf

Excellent grip but with a catch

"The grip kept me from slipping on rock," says one of the boot's believers when it comes to surface traction. The same mountaineer is especially floored by the shoe's adhesive performance on scrambles. That said, it has been reported that the outsole's lugs thin out way too quickly.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX grip

Gain vertical miles minus the wetness

The Mammut Kento Tour High GTX, according to a handful, has extraordinary waterproofing. "I stayed completely dry," said one of them.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX water

Wanted: Heel pull loop

This mountaineering boot from Mammut lacks a pull tab or loop on the heel collar, and an experienced climber is not very pleased. To him, the absence of this component makes on and off a bit difficult. Also, clipping the boot to your pack can be quite tricky without it.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX heel

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX equals fantastic support

There are those who find the Kento Tour High GTX incredibly supportive, especially around the midfoot. One of them says that, because of this, the featured boot is recommendable for overnight backpacking trips.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX supp

Your ally on edges

Its climbing zone is "very precise on rocks," according to a tester. Because of this, edging on smaller protrusions is more efficient.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX edge

Feels custom-made fit-wise for him

"Love them"—this is how a male mountaineer expressed his appreciation of the Kento Tour High GTX in the fit department. That said, female climbers tell a different story, with one saying that "when going downhill they feel a bit tight." Another female mountaineer believes that the boot is not for wide feet.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX fit

Climb light in the Kento Tour High GTX

"This shoe is very light for leather," says a mountaineer. Indeed, at 610 g per kick, the Kento Tour High GTX is among the lightest mountaineering boots on the market. FYI: on average, mountaineering boots weigh 865 g.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX light

For the budget-conscious mountaineer

With its MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) of $200, the Mammut Kento Tour High GTX is quite the steal. Indeed, the featured boot is among the budget-friendliest since, in the mountaineering world, anything below $270 is considered very affordable.

Mammut Kento Tour High GTX price