Mad Rock Shark 2.0 notable features

-The Mad Rock Shark 2.0 is engineered with 360-degree comfort and climbing security in mind. It comes with a concave sole to help climbers negotiate tricky projections and features with enhanced mobility and control.

-Mad Rock shoemakers opted to go vegan with its construction. This means that the Shark 2.0 from top to bottom is devoid of any animal substance.

-This Mad Rock offering comes with two brand-exclusive technologies: Arch Flex and Science Friction 3.0. The former delivers enhanced comfort, especially around the arch and instep zones. The latter, on the other hand, provides adequate slip resistance underfoot.


Downturn. The Shark 2.0 is one of Mad Rock’s heavily downturned pieces. Its downward camber and finely pointed front tip help users mount on nubbins, sags, and micro-edges with improved precision. Highly downturned rock climbing shoes like the Shark 2.0 are ideal for single-pitch ascents.

Applications. The Shark 2.0 from Mad Rock is primarily intended for bouldering and sport climbing. Its designers furnished it with components that give it competency in dealing with overhanging terrain. Senders may don it both indoors and outdoors.


Mad Rock’s Shark 2.0 is a low-cut shoe built specifically for male climbers. It has high asymmetry or curvature from heel to toe, which will force the foot to lie bent within its confines. As it is a fully synthetic gear, the occurrence of stretch might be minimal, if not none at all. The Arch Flex technology with which the shoe is imbued provides a locked-in fit around the medial section. Its Velcro closure, on the other hand, delivers a secure and personalized lockdown.


Midsole. The Mad Rock Shark 2.0 comes equipped with the AES midsole. It is a multi-density construction—soft at the center yet stiff enough around the edges to give wearers sufficient support underfoot without compromising sensitivity.

Outsole. Shark 2.0 owners have the Science Friction 3.0 outsole to thank as far as surface traction is concerned. Its entirety is made of rubber developed exclusively in the U.S. It comes at a thickness of 3.8 mm. South of it is the Molded Edge Heel, which, as its name suggests, offers enough friction on heel hooks.


The Shark 2.0’s lined low-top upper, a.k.a. Syn Flex, is purely synthetic. Two sturdy pull tabs are attached to its heel for on-and-off convenience. Thanks to its rubber rand—the Science Friction R2—owners can smear in it in virtually every direction with enough slip resistance. Its instep and forefoot are covered with a rubber patch for toe-hooking grip. A hook-and-loop strap set through a ladder-type buckle is what makes up its fit management system.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 8.1oz
Construction: Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic

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