Verdict from 6 experts and 22 user reviews

10 reasons to buy

  • A great deal of users found the pair very comfortable.
  • This mountaineering boot was surprisingly flexible, based on some consumer reviews.
  • A large number of wearers were delighted with its traction. One attested that the Mountain Expert GTX Evo worked on both hard-packed and slushy snow.
  • A couple of users did not mind the very expensive price of this boot. They said that it was all worth it.
  • It may have a burly appearance but it did not require an extended break-in period. This was according to a myriad of outdoor enthusiasts. A few even stated that it does not need to be broken in at all.
  • The Mountain Expert GTX Evo kept the feet of numerous mountaineers dry and warm in cold temperatures.
  • Several wearers were expecting to get blisters. However, they were astonished as they did not experience blistering or any discomfort after miles of walking.
  • Its near-perfect fit was admired by the majority.
  • A handful of wearers appreciated how it worked efficiently with their crampons.
  • This Lowa footwear was applauded by several gear testers for being the lightest in the series of leather boots they reviewed.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A small percentage of users were unhappy with the rubber rand. They noted that it separated from the leather too soon.
  • An expert reviewer gave a low rating on the boot’s performance on steep and mixed terrain. He said that when the climbing got more difficult, the rigidity of the boots, especially the sole, just couldn’t keep up.
  • Its lack of decent protection against intrusive snow didn’t sit right with a professional footwear critic.

Bottom line

The Mountain Expert GTX Evo is a powerhouse mountaineering boot from Lowa. It may cost an arm and a leg, but its benefits made every penny worth it. From comfort and lightness to fit and grip, these boots were able to deliver. Surprisingly flexible, it did not compromise its compatibility with crampons. Likewise, its thickset profile is not crying out for a lingering break-in. To sum up, the Mountain Expert GTX Evo is a comfortable and reliable pair of mountaineering boots, but users must take heed when ascending sheer, diverse trails.

Good to know

  • Created ready for adventure, the Lowa Mountain Expert GTX Evo possesses a broad spectrum of technologies addressing comfort, support, protection, and stability. The updates rendered a significant reduction in weight for men and women.
  • From a Vibram Teton, the revamped Mountain Expert GTX Evo now has the robust and macho Vibram Dolent. Its facade promises the wearers of a firm and grippy sole.
  • Lowa used their patented DuraPU as the midsole of these boots. The designers then partnered it with a hard winter shank for stability and Insulate Pro footbed for comfort.
  • The upper is teeming with technologies, too. The I-Lock and 2-zone lacing tandem ensure that mountaineers can adjust the fit according to their needs without hassle. Its Gore-Tex laminate and Primaloft 200 g/m2 lining retain heat and keep a comfortable, breathable environment.
  • The asymmetry of the upper, on the other hand, is due to the FlexFit Syncro feature which renders ankle flexibility. The C4 tongue with a knob keeps the feet comfortable and secure. Lastly, a high wall rubber rand protects and reinforces the upper.

The Mountain Expert GTX Evo is available in men’s and women’s versions. Both variants are offered in standard width and sizes. They also fairly run true to size.

To prevent issues, Lowa included technologies that aid users in getting a precise fit. The 2-zone lacing system divides the boot into two areas—the upper (ankle or shaft) and the forefoot sections. It works in conjunction with the I-Lock feature, a pair of cam lace loops located at the top of the foot. It holds the laces tightly to give wearers independence on adjusting the shaft lacing. Also, the adjustment of the instep comes with ease by simply pushing the hook clip upward to release the clamping. Correspondingly, users can create separate tensions for a snugger fit.

Providing traction to the user is the Vibram Dolent. Its aggressive lugs render a precise and stable foothold. Its self-cleaning profile prevents muck build-up, thereby maintaining grip. This outsole also has a rockered form which helps in a balanced gait and makes walking more natural and comfortable.

Lowa incorporates their signature DuraPU  midsole in this crampon-compatible mountaineering boot. Comfort comes naturally as this material is shock absorbent and can bounce back to its original form after being compressed. Polyurethane (PU) is lightweight and known for its ability to withstand wear.

A Lowa insole called Hard Winter Shank grants stability when tackling challenging trails. It makes journeying in cold temperatures extra comfy through its added layer of insulation. The moisture-wicking Insulate Pro footbed is designed to work on cold, winter days. Thus, it is able to keep the wearer’s feet warm.

The Mountain Expert GTX Evo uses a durable and flexible split-grain leather for its upper. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort liner manages the waterproofing and breathability of the boot. It keeps water from permeating the footwear while the moisture inside can escape. An added perk of this lining is its modest insulation which guarantees heat retention whenever necessary. With the aid of the Primaloft 200 g/m2  lining, warmth is maintained even on high activity levels under cold conditions.

Furthermore, this over-the-ankle mountaineering boot is infused with brand-patented technologies which deliver increased walking comfort and secure lockdown of the foot. One of them is the FlexFit Syncro—the asymmetrical construction of the upper. It allows the shaft of the boot to move in sync with the lower leg. Likewise, this mechanism enhances the flexibility of the ankles.

The multifaceted C4 tongue  works to heighten comfort too. Its four main features include: asymmetrical padding which gets thicker towards the exterior; higher recessed ankle areas internally; a notch on the instep which allows the tongue to flex without constraints; and a soft edging at the top of the tongue which prevents chafing from the leather rims.

Complementing the C4 tongue is the X-lacing with tongue stud. It secures the laces in place to keep the tongue from slipping sideways. Consequently, the pressure is distributed evenly and hot spots are prevented.

Lacing up the boot is easier with the combination of open and closed hooks plus roller eyelets. A pull tab at the heel assists in donning it on and off.  A wrap-around, high wall rubber rand is built onto the boot for reinforcement and protection. 

  • The Mountain Expert GTX (the previous version) received Outdoor Gear Lab’s Best Buy Award in 2013.
  • This mountaineering boot is resolable (meaning the sole can be replaced) and is compatible with automatic (step-in) crampons.
Paul Ronto
Paul Ronto

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