Who should buy the Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX

The Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX is celebrated for its outstandingly comfortable inner construction, excellent ankle support, and tough build. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a mountaineering boot that offers a convenient closure system.
  • Prefer a mountaineering boot that gives wearers stability and shock absorption.
  • Prefer a mountaineering boot that securely gains footing on snowy or rocky terrain.

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  • The Cevedale Pro GTX is a mountaineering gear made sturdy by the durable upper, which is a combination of split-grain leather, synthetic fabrics, and rubber. It has a Gore-Tex lining which makes the boot waterproof.
  • This version has received quite a notable upgrade in its lacing system compared with its predecessor. Gone are the synthetic lace loops securing the lower part of the boot; in their place are a set of roller eyelets—metallic lace loops with ball bearings that act as conveyor wheels which make lacing up convenient. This closure system also features the I-Lock. This Lowa-patented device allows for a separate lacing configuration from the ankle up.
  • What gives wearers stability and shock absorption is the boot’s thick midsole which is made of dual-density rubber. It has a contoured arch, giving the boot a heel brake, as well as an updated heel shelf, serving as a crampon attach point.
  • The Cevedale Pro GTX has a grippy outsole powered by Vibram. This hardy rubber layer has aggressive lugs which allow mountaineers to securely gain footing on snowy or rocky terrain.

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Size and fit

The Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX is a technical mountaineering boot for both men and women. Giving wearers a snug and personalized fit is the boot’s lacing system which allows for multiple pressure configurations, thanks to its roller eyelets, I-Lock cam, and ankle collar speed hooks. The gusseted tongue and ankle cuff are also padded for extra comfort fit.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX sizes

Provides and maintain surface traction

When it comes to providing and maintaining surface traction in freezing temperatures, the Cevedale Pro GTX relies on its Vibram Dolent outsole. This resolable, single-piece rubber component is based on the Vibram Mont compound, a blend of elastomers that are characterized by durability and low-temperature resilience. 

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX outsole

Secure footing on rocky slopes and snowy ravines

This outsole also features high-profile lugs which help mountaineers secure their footing, whether on rocky slopes or snowy ravines. The lugs on the outsole’s heel are especially prominent to give the boot a heel brake—a boot feature that aids mountaineers during descents.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX outsole 1

Withstands the wearer's weight and maintain a level of stability on tricky terrain

The Cevedale Pro GTX has a dual-density DuraPU midsole with a heel groove for attaching the crampon. It is the primary source of cushioning and shock absorption. This rubber construction gives the boot the ability to withstand the wearer's weight and maintain a level of stability on tricky terrain. Within the midsole’s confines is an insole called Hard Shank. It is specifically for granting support to mountaineers carrying a light load.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX midsole

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX's toe rocker

The Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX’s midsole also tapers towards the front zone, a design choice that gives the footwear a toe rocker. A stiff-soled boot with a rockered toe aids mountaineers during toe-offs and makes transitions on flatter grounds relatively bearable.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX toe rocker

Provides insulation in cold conditions

Helping the midsole give users a comfortable mountaineering experience is a Lowa-patented insole called Climate Control Footbed. This removable footbed is designed to provide insulation in cold conditions and air circulation in warmer environments.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX insole

360-degree bump and abrasion protection

Lowa’s Cevedale Pro GTX is crafted to provide support and protection with its layered upper. It is a fusion of breathable man-made textiles and full-grain leather. The base of the upper has a 360-degree bump and abrasion protection, thanks to its rubber rand coverage. The boot has a gusseted tongue which walls of debris with its persistent tongue-to-upper construction.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX upper

Protection from water and other wet elements, on the other hand, is handled by the Gore-Tex waterproof liner which is engineered within the upper.

Quick and customized lockdown

The boot’s closure system promises a quick and customized lockdown, not only because of its roller eyelets and speed hooks but also due to the stud on the tongue with which the user’s desired ankle pressure may be applied.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX laces

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX offers walking comfort

FlexFit Synchro—a registered technology by Lowa—also finds its way to the Cevedale Pro GTX. It allows the shaft of the boot to move in sync with the wearer’s lower leg to improve walking comfort.

Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX upper 4

Additional Info

  • The Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX is compatible with C2 - hybrid (semi-automatic) crampons.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 28.1oz / Women 22.9oz
Use: Alpine
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Single, Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Lowa

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