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Who is it for? This all-court tennis shoe option is fitting for recreational and club players in a hunt for an extremely affordable and lightweight pair that can stand several hours of play. 

What are its notable features? 

  • Considered as a simplified version of Lotto’s high-performance Mirage shoes, the Lotto Space 400 ALR is fortified with the Enerturn shock-absorbing technology for heel cushioning.
  • The Heel Control engineering is applied on the rear side to maintain stability during multi-directional movements. 

Traction. Lotto Space 400 ALR utilizes an anti-abrasion rubber compound in a hybrid tread profile. This non-marking rubber is made to provide grip on a variety of court surfaces. 

Flexibility. The outsole is also equipped with the internal PuntoFlex technology that enhances flexibility and reactivity in the forefoot region. This specification also comes with a special heel counter for added support and stability.

The middle slice of the shoe is designed with the multi-density Enerturn cushioning system that’s integrated into molded ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. The main objective of this feature is to buffer the heel from impact and redistribute the accumulated energy from heel to toe. This process is meant to help the player accelerate, whether along the baseline or towards the net.

Lightness and breathability. Lotto created the Space 400 ALR to be one of the lightest tennis shoes in the market. This shoe is assembled with 40% nylon and 60% synthetic rubber with an anti-abrasion Kurim toe-cap. Aside from reducing tons of weight, the blend of these materials grants support and an adequate amount of ventilation to the wearer. 

Added support. For added stability, the upper is fabricated with Lotto’s HCTL or heel control construction. This design concept, which is also used in Lotto’s running shoes, is targeted to deliver heel support that will prevent it from slipping during the game. 

  • ALR stands for “all round.” 
  • Space 400 ALR comes with an extra pair of laces. 
  • Kurim is a polyurethane-coated material used in the assembly of shoe uppers. 
  • Lotto offers the Space 600 ALR for players seeking for a leather-made, all-court tennis shoe. 
  • Lotto Mirage models are high-technology profiles appropriate for pro players in search of premium stability shoes without adding tons of weight to the foot. An example of which is the lightweight Lotto Mirage 100 SPD that’s covered with several layers of Kurim. 

How Space 400 ALR compares

This shoe: 83
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This shoe: $95
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$65 $180
This shoe: 12.9oz
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