Who should buy the Lake MX238 Supercross

The MX238 Supercross is perfect for the following cyclists:

  • Cyclocross participants
  • Multi-surface adventure
  • Trail rides with hike-a-bike sections

Delivers solid performance

The Lake MX238 Supercross is a cyclocross-centric shoe that delivers a solid performance. This shoe pretty much hit the mark as an all-out race shoe.

Cyclocross as a sport hasn't been around long, but as it continues to evolve, brands like Lake see to it that they are in the front row of providing the correct footgear for the sport. 

MX238 Supercross keeps you stable off the bike

The MX238 Supercross is revered for being a benchmark in cyclocross-specific shoes thanks to its well-thought-out design and features. It is also the MTB version of one of the brand's popular road models called the CX238.

Lake MX238 Supercross keeps you stable

Underneath the MX 238, Supercross shoe sits an SPD compatible 100% carbon fiber soles and real rubber soles – to push you forward while on the bike and keep you stable off the bike.

Heel slips

Several commenters gripe at how the shoe's heel area isn't effective in containing the foot from sliding out.

Lake MX238 Supercross Heel slips

One reviewer claims that the model feels heavier than expected. 

Easier adjustments in shoe grip

The shoe comes with interchangeable toe spikes that allow for easier adjustments in traction according to ground conditions.

With its toe spike slots, adding toe spikes further enhances the shoe's overall grip. A few cyclists also mention its adequate traction off the bike.

Abrasion-resistant and durable 

The leather upper used in the MX 238 Supercross is abrasion-resistant and durable, with dual BOA dials – for easy, accurate, and on-the-go adjustments.

Lake MX238 Supercross Abrasion-resistant and durable 

When it comes to width options, it can accommodate most foot shapes while maintaining comfort. Nearly everyone who has reviewed the Lake MX238 Supercross affirms the shoe's incredible comfort.

Yields excellent power transfer

According to a multitude of users, this pair yields excellent power transfer. Its materials and craftsmanship are of top quality, say plenty of owners.

The pedal to power transfer is pretty solid. When on, writes a veteran racer, this shoe is one of the most comfortable you will ever wear.

Lake MX238 Supercross has effective waterproofing  

While the waterproof leather does a good job of fencing out water from entering, the combination of the mesh venting and the low profile of the shoe mean that the Lake MX 238 Supercross is not the warmest.

This mountain bike shoe's BOA closure has been praised by several wearers due to its easy-to-use and accurate adjustments. The MX2238 Supercross is good looking, according to some consumers.

Facts / Specs

Base model: Lake MX238
Use: Mountain, Cyclocross
Cleat design: 2 holes
Closure: BOA
Features: SPD, Recessed cleats
Material: Leather upper, Full carbon sole
BRAND Brand: Lake

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