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10 reasons to buy

  • Lakai Griffin skate shoes are reportedly very durable and hold up well even after weeks of skating, according to numerous users.
  • Lakai Griffins are incredibly comfortable on feet, said many skateboarders, which prompted two to say, “Once you skate Lakai, you never skate anything else.”
  • A lot of people agreed that the fit and sizing is perfect.
  • The sneakers really stick to the board, noted several testers who welcomed the grippy feel.
  • Some customers mentioned how much they loved the color schemes of Lakai Griffins, especially the black gum one which received many mentions.
  • A few commented that they were extremely satisfied with the quality construction of the sneakers.
  • The board feel on these is excellent, a handful of consumers stated.
  • Plenty of Lakai Griffin reviews mentioned how much purchasers liked the shoes’ subtle styling.
  • “Flick for days,” was how one person described the shoes.
  • These shoes provide good board control, a small number of users noted.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few people weren’t happy with the non-removable soles of the Lakai Griffin sneakers.
  • Users noticed the zero arch support of these kicks.
  • The shoes have thinly padded tongues and collars, a few noted.

Bottom line

Lakai has always been one of the most trusted skating brands out there because it stayed true to the game and has remained faithful in producing genuine skate-worthy shoes. Griffins have upheld this belief.

Lakai Griffin shoes are everything you want in a skate shoe. They’ve got durability down pat, move how you want them to, fit perfectly, and grip the board really well. Styling is on point, and you can produce flicks all day long in these.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Lakai sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this May

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Become an expert

Lakai Griffins are offered in men’s sizing only which range from 5 to 12. Women are, of course, free and encouraged to try these kicks as well, provided they remember to order 1.5 sizes down from their usual shoe size.

The insoles of the shoes are thin and flat, so don’t expect arch support. They’re non-removable either, but some skaters have tried to rip the insoles and replace them with custom ones for a better fit.

Round laces in a 5-eyestay lace system keep the feet locked down securely. An extra pair of laces are provided with purchase.

The Griffin model has a classic style that’s not too casual. It doesn’t even look like a casual skate shoe at first glance because of its elegant air. And since the silhouette can be worn different ways, here are some style tips.

  Casual days

  • Put on chinos and a yellow baseball-style shirt over a crisp white tee. Pair this outfit with Lakai Griffins in the eggplant suede colorway for a colorful vibe.
  • Wide-legged trousers in a camo print, a simple graphic shirt in white, and a jacket on top can be combined with the cream white colorway of Lakai Griffin shoes.

  Street chic

  • Pair slim-fitting black pants with a white crewneck tee, light taupe bomber jacket, and the grey and silver suede Lakai Griffin kicks.
  • Slim black pants, a white shirt, a white blazer, and Lakai Griffins in black and white suede work well together.

Although not as tech-filled as other skate shoes, Lakai Griffin sneakers are nevertheless awesome kicks that any skateboarder would be proud to have. The shoes are light and flexible, which make it easy to flip your board.

The midsole crating keeps the feet amply protected from hard impacts so you can jump stairs all day without messing up your feet. It gives the shoes the cushioning it needs, especially with such thin insoles included. The form-fitting uppers adapt to the shape of the feet, so fit and comfort is assured.

Lakai is an American company founded by professional skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll in 1999. It was built around a grassroots tradition and the idea that skate shoes they produce should be something their team members would be proud to wear and support.

The idea of building the company has been simmering around since 1993, but it was only six years later when Howard and Carroll finally accepted the risk and launched Lakai.

To say that Lakai was a success is an understatement. Skateboarders knew they could trust the brand to churn out high-quality kicks that you can actually skate in. The focus of the brand was not on commercialism, but rather in producing outstanding skating shoes that help improve your game.

The Lakai Griffin model is one of the most popular silhouettes to come out of the Lakai range. The shoes have all the things you want your skate kicks to have such as flexibility, durability, and impact protection. The Griffin was overwhelmingly successful that the brand launched a cupsole edition called the Lakai Griffin XLK as well as several other iterations.

  • The shoes weigh around 453 grams each.
  • Lakai Griffin colorways include burgundy, light blue, charcoal, pink, and silver among others.
  • The fabric of the uppers depends on the colorway. Some are made of suede, some canvas, while still others are textile.
  • The shoes have a vulcanized construction.
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