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Price: $115
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The low-top Lacoste Chaymon Nappa Leather sneaker is available in men’s US sizes from 7 to 15 and comes in medium width. Women should go one to1.5 sizes down to get a comfortable equivalent fit to the sneaker. With an Ortholite insole that delivers instant comfort in the interior, the shoe kept on lockdown by white shoelaces.

The clean and minimalist design of the Lacoste Chaymon Nappa Leather sneaker continues the tradition of the classic French brand. The Lacoste white sneaker with pique mesh inner lining and tonal upper made out of soft Nappa leather are best paired with chinos or khaki pants or shorts and topped with a relaxed polo, button-down, or a t-shirt for a smart casual look perfect for a sunny day out or a casual summertime walk. The preppy style of the round-toe white sneaker also fits well any off-the-cuff clothing from as informal as denim or jeans to something as dapper as a beige and grey slacks.

Using a soft Nappa leather material all over the low-profile Lacoste Chaymon Nappa Leather footwear is a hallmark of contemporary minimalism. Nappa leather is calfskin leather noted for its soft feel and smooth appearance. The interiors are lined with an Ortholite insole that provides superior cushioning further enhanced by pique mesh linings.

French luxury label Lacoste has been a global powerhouse in the production of well-dressed fashion products mainly polo shirts and casual clothing, leather bags, watches, eyewear, and shoes for more than 80 years. The global icon in fashion clothing and apparel was founded in 1933 by former tennis player Rene Lacoste together with Andre Giller, then the president and owner of the leading knitwear manufacturing firm in France. The duo first called the clothing brand as Le Chemise Lacoste and later on as just Lacoste.

Known worldwide for its Crocodile logo, Lacoste has been famous for their casual tennis shirts with embroidered, printed, or stitched Crocodile logo on the side. The French company has clothed many tennis stars that include Andy Roddick, Richard Gasquet, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal. It has also outfitted golf stars that include Jose Maria Olazabal and Colin Montgomerie. Some of the creative directors that steered the chic and trendsetting look of Lacoste brand were Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Christophe Lemaire.

While the French clothing and apparel brand has been famous for churning out designs of shirts, fragrances, and apparel, the label has also ventured into footwear production and design with its signature white tennis shoes releasing in 1985. Lacoste tennis shoes became an instant hit as the footwear models have been manufactured in France setting a worldwide trend, especially for tennis and golf wear. The white tennis shoes were also offered in other colors like beige, black, red, and blue, among different hues. The brand’s footwear portfolio soon expanded by releasing deck shoes in 1986 and eventually growing further by manufacturing walking shoes in 1988. Since the success of the footwear line, Lacoste began churning out casual sports shoes that fit the often-luxurious lifestyle of its most loyal patrons and followers.

The minimalist Lacoste Chaymon Nappa Leather continues this enduring legacy of French shoemaking and design with a low-top white sneaker design with a signature Crocodile logo embroidered on the smooth calfskin leather.

  • A tonal metallic crocodile quarter and embossed Lacoste lettering on the sides complete the look of the white shoe.
  • A durable rubber outsole has an exceptional grip and traction making the shoe look refined and well-constructed.