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6 reasons to buy

  • In almost every La Sportiva TX4 review, the shoe’s unbelievable sticking capability is commended.
  • This approach shoe from La Sportiva is extraordinarily comfortable, a decent number of testers say.
  • Its stability is exemplary, according to a blogger who has tested it multiple times.
  • Gear authorities call the TX4 a worthy investment.
  • The La Sportiva TX4’s light climbing prowess is astounding, says a professional blogger.
  • About a handful of those who have put the TX4 through its paces love its fantastic support system.

3 reasons not to buy

  • This hiker is quite heavy, according to some testers.
  • Its breathability is below average, a couple of owners observes.
  • A gear expert notes that the leather wets out. It’s not recommended for trips where rain is expected.

Bottom line

A grip monster—this is likely how hikers would describe the TX4. Those who would slip into this purchase-worthy La Sportiva piece are also likely to commend its amazing hiking comfort.

That said, the shoe is not exempt from some criticismsm, the least impressive of which has to be its hulking weight. Nonetheless, if one doesn’t mind its heaviness, the TX4 from La Sportiva delivers the necessary features on approach adventures.

Good to know

-The La Sportiva TX4 is designed to provide a combination of comfort and protection on extended approach trips. Its makers built it extra durable to give wearers a fighting chance against the roughness of the terrain. Its Strobel-lasted construction gives it adequate flexibility.

-Underfoot comfort in this shoe comes from its injected midsole. It is engineered with STB Control System—a company-exclusive technology that bolsters the midsole’s provision of support. The hiker’s surface grip, on the other hand, is courtesy of the Vibram Megagrip outsole.

A low-top approach shoe for men and women is the La Sportiva TX4. It is built around a type of last that gives it a wider forefoot, giving more room for toe splaying. Lockdown security is made possible by the TX4’s ghillie lacing.

The TX4 from La Sportiva produces and maintains sufficient surface traction over different kinds of terrain with its Vibram outsole, called Megagrip. Its compound is specifically engineered to give it a level of sticking power that works on a variety of surfaces, whether wet or dry. 

La Sportiva designers furnished it with Trail Bite Heel Braking Platform which, as its name suggests, enhances its capability to provide slip and skid resistance during downhill traversals. They also gave it a significant number of circular and multi-sided lugs to supply users with adequate grip in practically every direction.

Over at its front end is the Climbing Zone. This smoothed-out part gives more control and contact when mounting on edges and similar surfaces.

The La Sportiva TX4 uses a hard-wearing midsole called MEMlex in giving approach enthusiasts enough underfoot comfort, stability, and protection that they need in their travels. Its segmented construction allows the adventurer to pull off strides with enough flexibility. The thickness of its heel translates to ample shock absorption on each landing.

It comes with a cushy yet durable insole from Ortholite. With it, approach travelers get double the amount of comfort and support. It is a removable subcomponent.

Wrapping the foot in the TX4 is the shoe’s below-the-ankle upper made of genuine leather. It has a mesh liner that promises a no-slip in-shoe experience. Abrasion protection and extra climbing security come from its 1.5-millimeter thick TechLite rand, which is made of polyurethane (PU). The rand around its toe region, on the other hand, is a rubberized component from Vibram. 

The shoe’s fit management system uses looped cords and plated lace holes for eyelets. A sturdy synthetic lace is set through them, completing their utility.

The TX4 is one of La Sportiva’s high-quality kicks built for the approach. It has the comfort level of a regular hiker but with a set of features that enables outdoorsy folks to do some light climbing in it. The same, however, can be said of the TX3—another approach shoe from the same brand. These La Sportiva offerings are quite similar, and choosing between the two could lead to long hours of contemplation. The points that follow will discuss the aspects that set them apart.

Upper. Both La Sportiva pieces in this head-to-head are approach shoes, and both sport non-slip liners made of mesh. That said, the TX4’s upper is made of leather, contrasting the TX3’s synthetic mesh shell.

Pricing. Purchasers looking for a pair that costs less might find the TX3 the better deal. Indeed, the rival footgear is cheaper than the TX4 by about $5 a pop.

Weight. In this round, the competitor might appeal more to weight purists than the featured shoe. Yes, the TX3 from La Sportiva is about 10 grams lighter than the TX4.

Can the La Sportiva TX4 be used for hiking?

By design, the TX4 from La Sportiva is intended for rocky routes, and as such may not be the best shoe for soft-soiled terrain over which hikers usually travel. If the hiking path or trail you frequent is dry most days and if it is filled with rocks and small boulders, this offering might be an adequate companion. If your favorite hiking spot gets lots of moisture year-round, on the other hand, get a pair of waterproof hiking shoes instead.

Is there a La Sportiva TX4 mid?

Yes, there is a mid-top version of this shoe, and it is called the TX4 Mid GTX. Aside from its mid-height collar, which promises extra support around the ankle, this particular piece has waterproofing. Indeed, it comes with a liner from Gore-Tex called Extended Comfort which provides ample breathability on the inside and water protection on the outside.

Is the La Sportiva TX4 resole-ready?

La Sportiva has not published any information on whether or not the TX4 can be resoled. However, some claim that it can be done as a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. To be safe, consult with La Sportiva directly regarding this matter, or check with your local cobbler for more information.

Care guide for the La Sportiva TX4

If you happen to own the TX4, chances are you have spent well above $100 in the process. Now, if you wish to extend its lifespan, taking good care of it should be among your top priorities. To that end, consider the tips below:

  • After each use, rid the TX4 of dirt, mud, and debris.
  • If it gets wet, leave it to dry in a shaded but well-ventilated place. Remove the insole and the lace to speed up the drying process.
  • If the shoe will not be used for an extended period, keep it in a cool, dry compartment. Never leave it exposed to direct sunlight.


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