Who should buy the La Sportiva TX Canyon

Joining La Sportiva's ever-growing TX family is the remarkably versatile TX Canyon. Purchase it if:

  • You've always wanted to tackle approaches with extra ankle support.
  • The route to your climbing spot has flooded areas you need to wade through.
  • Approach hikers with a hybrid closure system tickle your fancy.

La Sportiva TX Canyon buy

Who should NOT buy it

The TX Canyon might not be for individuals whose feet sweat easily. In its place, check out the La Sportiva TX3. And if your trail-to-rock route is dusty and sandy, turn to the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX from Salewa.

La Sportiva TX Canyon no

The TX Canyon's terrific traction

Many reviewers are positively stumped about the adhesive level of the La Sportiva TX Canyon. A professional vlogger among them says, "we actually really love the shoe because of the grip." He is particularly impressed with the way it sticks to Via Ferrata holds.

La Sportiva TX Canyon gripc

Regular hikers also have compelling things to say about the shoe's tenacity. It's "awesome for what I need them to do: canyoning and downclimbing on slippery rocks," says one of them. Another reviewer has this in their report: "wet grip on smooth granite, superb."

La Sportiva TX Canyon gripd

Does wonders in the wet

The featured La Sportiva shoe is great for watery pursuits, and wearers agree. It's the "best canyon and raft guiding shoes I've had so far," says an adventurer about their TX Canyons. Another individual says that through its sturdy and highly perforated upper, "water escapes really fast."

La Sportiva TX Canyon water

A buckled-up experience for the ankle

According to a gear critic, the La Sportiva TX Canyon has a mighty supportive collar. He says that "if there’s a lot of potential that you’ll roll your ankle, you’re gonna have that support."

La Sportiva TX Canyon supp

Comfy extended trips in the La Sportiva TX Canyon

When it comes to comfort, this mid-top La Sportiva approach shoe is pretty persistent. It's vastly "comfortable on a multi-mile first trip up from start to finish," says a non-professional reviewer.

La Sportiva TX Canyon comf

Keep off the sun's glare

When it comes to breathability, the La Sportiva TX Canyon fumbles. The comments "it did get pretty hot" and "felt really clammy in the shoe" give credence to this statement. An experienced hiker blames the issue primarily on the blackness of their pair, suggesting that it absorbs heat too much, especially from direct sunlight.

La Sportiva TX Canyon hot

Its lacing system rules

There are those who delight in the closure of the TX Canyon. A seasoned kayaker says that the straps make the fit around the ankle extra secure. Another reviewer says that the "Velcro closure is a plus."

La Sportiva TX Canyon closure

Tough like a canyon

Among the featured hiker's aces is its excellent longevity. A footwear pundit swears by the durability of his TX Canyons, saying that, so far, he sees "no delamination issues with them." And that's after exposing the boot in the heat of the sun for hours, leaving it packed in a car for days, and transporting it in a cramped suitcase in planes.

La Sportiva TX Canyon dura

La Sportiva TX Canyon: Fantastically multi-faceted

Besides approaches, the TX Canyon is incredible for trail hikes and kayaking. A pair of professional reviewers are particularly floored about the boot's performance about the latter, saying that they "already like these boots for kayaking."

Debris is among its enemies

It's been reported that the TX Canyon struggles when it comes to fencing out debris. It's "very easy to get sand trapped in," says a disappointed climber.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 15.3oz /
Technology: Vibram, Ortholite
Material: Synthetic, Rubber sole
Waterproofing: Water resistant
Top: Mid
BRAND Brand: La Sportiva

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Teddy Dondanville

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