Who should buy the La Sportiva Theory

The La Sportiva Theory promises elevated indoor climbing performance with its responsiveness and dynamism-focused construction. It is the ideal shoe for you if:

  • Hugging jugs with your rearfoot is part of your every routine.
  • Extra traction, especially on smears, is what you need in climbing shoes.
  • You highly appreciate sizing at face value.

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Who should not buy it

If your budget isn't as high as your thrill for the send, get the considerably cheaper Evolv X1 instead. If you need something powerful and lasting at the same time, you're better off bagging the La Sportiva Solution.

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The Theory's one-to-one size

Most reviews about the La Sportiva Theory speak of the shoe’s true-to-size fit.

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Tenacious both in theory and practice

Its stickiness—particularly underfoot—is worthy of praise, based on a decent number of reports.

La Sportiva Theory sticky

Extraordinary responsiveness

Senders find this La Sportiva climbing shoe incredibly sensitive all over.

La Sportiva Theory sense

Frail forefoot rubber

The Theory's toe rubber peels off in just a few sends, a couple of climbers say.

La Sportiva Theory toe

The La Sportiva Theory's doozy heel

This climbing shoe heel hooks fantastically well, say route smashers. It can latch on to virtually any kind of foothold.

La Sportiva Theory heel

Flex with the Theory

Experienced senders say that the Theory is amazingly flexible. Because of this, they recommend the shoe for indoor use primarily.

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La Sportiva Theory vs. Skwama

With everything going for it, the Theory can be considered another one of La Sportiva’s most sought-after rock climbing shoes. With that, it finds itself in a place of comparison. In this case, the featured shoe finds a rival in yet another aggressively downturned offering—the La Sportiva Skwama. The nitty-gritty of their differences are as follows:

No-edge. Between the two competing climbing shoes, only the La Sportiva Theory is furnished with this proprietary technology. Its presence makes the featured shoe extra sensitive around the forefoot.

Pricing. In this regard, consumers can safely say that both La Sportiva offerings are expensive. That said, the Skwama might be the more appealing investment, as it is cheaper than the Theory by about $20.

Midsole tech. The Theory virtually has no midsole. In its place is the shoe’s P3 system. The La Sportiva Skwama, on the other hand, is equipped with a resilient midsole called LaspoFlex, which has an overall thickness of 0.8 mm. This stiff component is also imbued with P3.

Closure system. The La Sportiva Theory and the Skwama use a Velcro-based strapping system to grant owners a personalized fit. That said, the Theory’s closure system has a wider strap attach point, which allows for more configuration options.

CONCLUSION: These two La Sportiva rock climbing shoes are both highly downturned. They may be used mainly in bouldering endeavors. That said, the Theory is intended for mostly indoor pursuits, while its competitor—the Skwama—can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the Theory’s rival is also advertised as a slab climbing shoe.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 7.1oz / Women 6.3oz
Construction: Slip lasted, No-edge
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Indoor
Material: Leather, Vibram

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Teddy Dondanville
Teddy Dondanville

Teddy is a professionally trained Apprentice Rock Guide with the American Mountain Guides Association and a Wilderness First Responder with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Besides guiding outdoor rock climbing, Teddy also has years of experience in route setting and coaching climbing indoors. Through his guiding, route setting, and coaching, Teddy has experimented with climbing shoes for over a decade.