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7 reasons to buy

  • Almost all owners of La Sportiva Mythos climbing shoes declare that they offer all-day comfort.
  • The exemplary quality of this rock shoe receives praises from a lot of wearers.
  • According to the majority, the Mythos is an excellent choice of beginner-friendly rock shoes.
  • Many climbers declare that it works well in cracks.
  • The lacing system of the Mythos is well-received by an abundance of wearers.
  • The sticky sole of this impressive La Sportiva rock shoe is a delight to a multitude of buyers.
  • A high percentage of owners mention that it is a good all-around climbing shoe.

3 reasons not to buy

  • La Sportiva Mythos does not edge well, according to an expert.
  • A few wearers find this piece a bit challenging to size because of the stretch.
  • This rock climbing shoe is expensive.

Bottom line

Individuals looking for a well-performing all-around shoe will likely appreciate the Mythos from La Sportiva. Indeed, this versatile gear provides excellent delivery on different kinds of ascents. It is also worth mentioning its comfy interior, ground-adherent sole, and astounding lightness.

However, a couple of drawbacks mar its rather convincing resume. All things considered, the La Sportiva Mythos is a superb pair of rock shoes that can help climbers reach the top.

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Good to know

-The Mythos from La Sportiva is constructed with features designed for slabs and cracks. Its unlined leather upper promotes comfort, the full-length LaspoFlex midsole yields support, and the Vibram rubber outsole sticks to different types of rocks.

Downturn. The Mythos is a neutral-styled rock climbing shoe. It features a medium asymmetric shape, which spreads the weight to the toes. The result is a versatile rock shoe that performs on all-day multi-pitch routes.

Applications. La Sportiva markets the Mythos as a rock shoe ideal for crack and face climbing. It can also be used when sending big walls.

Midsole. The Mythos from La Sportiva wears a full-length 1.1 mm LaSpoFlex midsole. This sturdy material renders underfoot support while still allowing climbers to feel more connected to the ground.

Outsole. This rock climbing shoe features a Vibram outsole. The Mythos for men’s use a sturdier rubber compound, the XS Edge. It is developed to provide maximum support and durability. Male climbers will be able to focus their weight even on the tiniest of holds. 

On the other hand, the La Sportiva women’s Mythos uses a Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber, featuring a compound that provides an optimal level of friction. It has a softer feel than the men’s shoe

La Sportiva Mythos (men’s and women’s) upper is made of soft unlined leather for comfort. Further enhancing its cozy feel is a Dry-Best lining at the tongue that helps wick away moisture from the foot. The base of the upper has a full rubber coverage that amplifies protection and durability.

The patented lacing system of the Mythos aids in fit management. It goes around the heel area, so when climbers cinch the laces, the tension on the heel is also customized, eliminating dead space. A pull tab is placed at the back of the shoe for easy on and off.

The environment-friendly version of this rock shoe, the La Sportiva Mythos Eco carries the features of the iconic Mythos, but with a spin. 95% of the components used in the Eco come from recycled materials. Its laces, the sole, the webbing, even the tongue padding are made from elements that have less impact on the environment. Additionally, its engineers use metal-free tanning, biodegradable leather, and water-based adhesives in building the shoe. The ECO outsole is crafted by recycling rubber used during the production process without affecting its performance. 

Does the La Sportiva Mythos stretch?

Yes, and as to how much, see the comparison table below. That being said, after some vertical mileage and over time, the kind of stretch it provides is one that conforms to the shape of the foot.

What should I consider when sizing La Sportiva Mythos?

Generally, La Sportiva recommends getting two to three sizes smaller than the usual when purchasing soft rock shoes. Slip-lasted gear, like the Mythos, will rely on the climber’s toes when edging compared to a model that has a thick midsole. Also, interested buyers should consider the last. (For more detailed information regarding the last used in the Mythos, see Fit section above.)

-Those who are looking for other lace-up rock climbing shoes may also look at the Momentum Lace from Black Diamond and Helix from Scarpa.


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