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Transform into a true alpinist and scale higher heights in the G5 EVO from La Sportiva. In this B3 mountaineering boot, your feet is greeted with a warm hug without getting your toes squished. And while it's pricier than most, it brings to the table excellent control from ankle to toe, delivering a remarkable climbing performance, particularly on ice.


  • Incredibly warm in the cold
  • Excellent fit
  • Superb toeing precision
  • Convenient lace-ups
  • Roomy toe box
  • Quite comfy
  • Snug collar
  • Durable


  • Very pricey
  • Boa loses tension over time

Who should buy the La Sportiva G5 EVO

The featured boot is the redesigned version of the OG La Sportiva G5. Buy it if:

  • You've always been fascinated by boots that you can configure with one hand.
  • Mountaineering boots that deliver toeing accuracy are what you need.
  • You prefer to wear an insulated single boot on your snowy ascents.

Who should NOT buy it

If you want something far budget-friendlier than the G5 EVO ($800), check out the La Sportiva Trango Tech Leather GTX, which has an MSRP of only $576. And if you're unsure about the BOA system's ability to retain tightness throughout your climbs, go the traditional lace-up route by opting for the Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX instead.

Evolved for lacing convenience

Design-wise, the gnarly print of the first model is replaced with lines that make the featured boot look sharper and sexier. But outside looks, the G5 EVO has one pretty significant update—its BOA knob is now outside the built-in gaiter. This change translates to easier on-the-fly adjustments, no unzipping necessary!

Warm ascents in the La Sportiva G5 EVO

"Great for cold days" is what an experienced mountaineer calls the G5 EVO. A vlogger shares the same conclusion, stating that his "feet never got cold" while taking on icy verticals for hours.

But it costs a fortune

This "Rolls Royce of alpine boots" (as one mountaineer puts it) is not for the faint of heart price-wise. Case in point: B3 mountain boots average at $691, making the G5 EVO $109 more expensive.

The G5 EVO's remarkable fit

Reviewers are quite floored by the perfect fit of the La Sportiva G5 EVO. Apparently, the BOA system plays a big role in this regard, whose "dial is incredibly convenient," says an expert.

But to dig a little deeper, according to a mountain climber, the featured boot's high collar has an "extremely secure fit." Another mountaineer, on the other hand, loves the snug confines of the G5 EVO but adores the roominess of its toe box at the same time.

Pin-point forefoot accuracy

A climber says that his G5 EVOs are the "most accurate front-pointing shoes" he's ever had. It's "super precise for mountaineering and ice climbing," says another.

A possible factory defect

According to an ice climber-slash-vlogger, the G5 EVO's BOA closure comes loose every 30 minutes. While not a common thing for this type of lacing system, this issue happens from time to time in other types of footwear, and netizens believe it is a defect of sorts and needs to be looked at by the manufacturer.

La Sportiva G5 EVO: Comfy yet tough

There are those who are floored by the G5 EVO's pampering confines, with one calling the boot "super comfortable." Matching its plushness is the kick's tough-as-nails construction. It is "hardly showing any wear," says a mountain climber about the boot after scaling extra-abrasive routes several times.