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6 reasons to buy

  • Almost all La Sportiva Futura buyers love its incredible sensitivity.
  • It fits well mostly because of its highly adjustable closure system, as mentioned by many wearers.
  • This remarkable rock climbing shoe sticks to surfaces magnificently, according to a decent number of reviewers.
  • Professional bloggers praise the Futura for its insane pocketing ability.
  • Its edging prowess is nothing short of spectacular, some testers observe.
  • The Futura smears like a dream, say a couple of those who have purchased it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An expert who has reviewed the La Sportiva Futura finds it a bit too expensive to invest in.
  • A user states that it lacks support in the heel area.

Bottom line

To call the Futura an outstanding footwear product just for its sensitivity alone is a major understatement. Indeed, the shoe astounds on that front, but it also stuns in the areas of fit, surface traction, and pocketing.

All that said, this comfy footgear might scare away climbing enthusiasts who are on a really tight budget. Nevertheless, the La Sportiva Futura is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its solid list of ascent-worthy characteristics.

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Good to know

  • Dubbed by the company as the footwear version of a Ferrari, the La Sportiva Futura is built for sensitivity thanks to its slip-lasted construction. It has been redesigned to have a sleeker look, with its tensioned heel rand having a slightly wider coverage.
  • It is equipped with a variety of technologies that give users the ability to take on challenging routes. One of these technologies is the brand-exclusive No-Edge concept which promotes sensitivity for improved edging performance. This tech uniformly distributes the weight throughout the sole. It also doubles down on the shoe’s longevity.
  • Another proprietary tech built into this aggressive climbing footgear is called P3 (also known as Permanent Power Platform). Its presence translates to extra arch support. It also keeps a firm hold of the shoe’s downturn, preventing it from bending out of shape.

Downturn. The Futura from La Sportiva is an aggressively downturned piece. This type of platform is used mainly for ascents involving forefoot power. It is designed for precision and single-pitch projects.

Applications. This La Sportiva climbing footgear is a bouldering, sport, and trad climbing shoe. It is built with sufficient stiffness for overhangs but with enough versatility for cracks as well. It is a footwear product that may be used indoors and outdoors.

The La Sportiva Futura is a below-the-ankle rock shoe for men and women. It offers performance fit with its highly asymmetric shape. The shoe’s Velcro closure, also known as Fast Lacing System, is responsible for giving users a personalized and secure lockdown

Midsole. The Futura’s ability to give the climber a secure platform for edging, smearing, and pocketing is largely thanks to its LaspoFlex midsole with P3 technology. It amounts to 1.1 mm in thickness. It is situated around the footgear’s toe region only.

Outsole. Vibram XS Grip 2 is the name of the Futura’s heavy-duty outsole. At 3 mm thick, it promises sufficient surface grip without sacrificing sensitivity. It is built primarily for overhanging and steep routes.

The La Sportiva Futura confines the foot in its low-top upper made of synthetic leather. It comes without a liner. It has randing along the sides of its forefoot for extra protection and security on tricky ledges and pockets. The patch of rubber covering a good part of its instep—an extension of the shoe’s outsole—provides adequate adherence for climbs requiring toe hooking. Its engineers gave it two pull loops at the heel for quicker on and off.

Its closure system is made up of a sturdy synthetic strap and a tab engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners. The strap passes through a set of reinforced eyelets.

La Sportiva is known for producing quality climb-specific kicks, and the Futura is one of them. That said, there is also the Genius—another one of the brand’s aggressive offerings. These two are often compared with each other by their respective patrons. To know the aspects that set them apart, peruse the points that follow.

Pricing. Both climb-centric shoes in this head-to-head may be considered quite the investments in that they both require practically an arm and a leg to purchase. That said, the Futura might just appeal to those who value saving a little bit of cash with its price being about $10 less than the Genius’. If you want something budget-friendlier, look into some of the least expensive climbing shoes featured on this site.

Lockdown system. The mechanism that locks the foot in place in the featured shoe uses an adjustable Velcro strap which may be configured with one hand. The La Sportiva Genius, on the other hand, gives a personalized fit with its lace-up closure.

Target audience. The La Sportiva Futura takes the crown in this area. Indeed, it caters to both men and women, while the Genius only to men.

Weight. On this front, the rival footgear trumps over the featured shoe, albeit marginally. Yes, the weight difference between the two is minimal at best, with the Genius being lighter than the Futura by no more than 5 grams.


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