La Sportiva Finale notable features

-The La Sportiva Finale is a rock climbing shoe engineered with balanced performance and all-day comfort in mind. It comes with the Permanent Power Platform (P3), a company-owned technology that supports the arch while giving the forefoot even more contact with the surface.

-It is a slip-lasted shoe, giving it improved sensitivity. The stiffness it needs for support comes from its sturdy midsole. When it comes to surface traction, on the other hand, the footgear relies on its Vibram outsole.


Downturn. The Finale from La Sportiva is practically devoid of any downturn, making it a neutral rock climbing shoe. It is designed to let the foot lay flat within its confines for extended comfort. This type of downturn allows climbers to engage in multi-pitch ascents.

Applications. Bouldering is the primary activity for which the La Sportiva Finale is built. Its construction is ideal for less steep terrain, whether indoors or outdoors.


A low-cut climbing shoe for men and women is the La Sportiva Finale. It is crafted around a straight last which promises a comfy in-shoe fit. A personalized yet secure lockdown is courtesy of the footgear’s lace-up closure. Built on a flat last, the Finale puts the foot into a straight, comfy position.


Midsole. Responsible for giving users a supportive foothold in the Finale is the LaspoFlex midsole. Its stiffness is partly enhanced by the P3 technology. It comes at a thickness of 1.1 millimeters.

Outsole. The La Sportiva Finale uses a Vibram outsole called XS Edge to provide climbers with sufficient surface traction in their ascent to the top. Its lasting characteristic is thanks to its rubber compound of the same name. Its makeup puts emphasis on precision and is ideal for multi-pitch adventures.


The upper of the La Sportiva Finale rock climbing shoe is partly leather and partly synthetic (microsuede). Its interior is unlined, leaving the foot in direct contact with the leather for a more intimate in-shoe feel. It has a rand that covers almost ¾ of the upper, granting the user extra protection and climbing security. An extra-large heel pull loop and the footgear’s lace-up closure complete its equation.

La Sportiva Finale vs. Tarantulace

Climbing shoes produced by La Sportiva are known to possess qualities that resonate well with climbers far and wide. Many people own them, so a comparison between any two given pairs is inevitable. In the case of the Finale (the featured shoe), it is La Sportiva's Tarantulace that gets pitted against it more often than not. The points that follow will flesh out their differences:

Midsole. Although both kicks use LaspoFlex as their midsole, there is a difference in their thicknesses. The one in the Tarantulace is 0.7 thicker than the La Sportiva Finale.

Outsole. The featured shoe produces sufficient surface traction with its Vibram XS Edge outsole. The competition, on the other hand, grants enough adhesive power thanks to its proprietary outsole, called FriXion RS. Both components are at 5 mm thick, and both extend all the way to the back of the heel.

Weight. The men’s La Sportiva Finale and the men’s Tarantulace has a weight difference of about 30 grams, with the featured shoe being the lighter of the two. The women’s Finale, on the other hand, is heavier than the women’s Tarantulace by approximately 3 grams.

Pull loops. In this area, the rival footgear may be considered the better shoe for having not one, not two, but three pull loops (with the third one placed at the tongue). That said, the single pull loop of the Finale has a wider circumference where two fingers can easily slip into.

Price. When it comes to pricing, the competition is the cheaper rock climbing piece. Indeed, the Tarantulace costs approximately $30 less than the La Sportiva Finale’s.

Area of expertise. While both climb-centric kicks are neutral shoes, their applications differ. The Finale is ideal for bouldering, while the Tarantulace is a footgear intended for trad climbing.


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