Our verdict


The La Sportiva Akasha is an Ultra distance trail running shoes. They perform the best on difficult terrains like slippery, difficult downhill, sharp rocky, small stones, rocky path. This shoe can be worn for daily training so you can understand and get connected with the shoe.


  • Breathable
  • Protective
  • Superb comfort
  • Responsive
  • Wide toebox
  • Eye-candy design
  • Worth the money


  • A bit heavy
  • Short laces

La Sportiva Akasha review

La Sportiva Akasha is quite old in the market, very few still selling this product. I can bet this is still the best shoe available in comparison with new updated versions. 


Design and color are pleasing

The shoe has a peaceful, perfect design taking color combinations of the Sky (Akasha means Sky in Sanskrit). The colors chosen are very true to the given name.

There are around ten attractive colors available for you to choose from. I'm sure you will take more time to finalize on which one.

I heard about this shoe a lot with my French friends. None of my Indian Friends spoke about it, though. So, I was a little worried when I bought the Akasha.

Will this shoe marry my feet well? Will this shoe endure the total distance of my race?

When I unboxed it, it was an eye-candy with its colors. It has the perfect design when I held it, and it was a perfect fit when worn. Also, any doubt about the shoe disappeared when I ran my first run. My feet, mind, and soul were in sync, saying, "This is it!"


Perfect true to size fit in the Akasha

Before buying the shoe, please see the size chart of Akasha/La Sportiva. I usually buy a US 10, but here I opted for a 10.5 for best comfort.


Akasha is a thoughtful combination of many attributes. It has a perfect fit, adding a more plush, padded, and brilliant upper. The Akasha offers a precise fit in the heel, very supportive mid and very comfort toebox.

The midfoot wraps your feet so well, giving good support to the arch when running while relaxed and comfortable fit after long-duration run.

The toe box of Akasha is pretty comfortable for normal to medium-wide feet. I didn't have any problem with chafing or blisters for 110km. 

I bought the Akasha for ultra-distance runs

I run long distances. The design and technicality of the shoe are so well detailed and monitored for the perfect fit and comfort.

As I said before, the heel room, the wrap on the midsole, and the wide toe box give a perfect room for your feet. The sole is not as hard as it looks and grips whenever it is needed.


On hard or slippery or muddy trails, Akasha gives the best comfort. Every step on the trail is taken care of. 

Akasha is a very attractive shoe

While unboxing the shoe, I realized that it is all set to hit the trail, just like how a warrior is all set to go to war. The visuals of the protection say so.

It starts in the rear where a TPU wrap flows from the heel and around the shoe to secure itself under the arch. This wrap is also what holds the midfoot in place.


Having gotten some experience now with the Akasha, I am really starting to love the security and precision of this wrap. There are also strips of rubber on the forefoot that La Sportiva calls ProTechTion™ HF for added burliness in the toebox area.


There is also a semi-rigid toe bumper, which has done a great job protecting my toes when required.

The sole is not as hard as it looks

I know many reviews give the maximum credit to the sole. Do not be surprised: I'm one of them too.

The outsole is perfect!

The outsole of the Akasha is made of FriXion XT dual-density compound soles (XF + AT). This controls the wear and tear and gives better shock absorption. The lugs are large, perfect for dealing with any kind of the trail surfaces like muddy, rocky, slippery, dirt, normal, small round stones etc.


The reverse lugs will manage steep downhill run and breaking. These will help you fall free run even in the difficult downhill.

Higher wear areas at the rear heel, and from mid feet to the toe have the more wear-resistant FriXion AT compound.

The trail rocker system (red raised additional part) on the heel and the toe provides a smooth transition of the shocks while running even in tough trails. This also extends the life of the shoe giving protection from the terrain and tough conditions.


Perfect landing feel in the Akasha

The Akasha midsole is engineered on a 6mm drop platform with 31mm in the heel and 25mm in the forefoot.


The midsole is composed of a "Dual-Injection Shock Absorbing MEMIex" that provides a full-length EVA midsole that delivers the best cushioning. This shoe has an element which increases the stability that runs through the arch.

The cushioning provided, maximizes the shock absorption, hard rock protection, and comfort. Responsiveness could have been enhanced a little, which would help in effective long climbs.

While running, this shoe really neglects the rocks of any shape (uneven angled, round, pointy, etc.) when we step on it, giving a perfect landing feel.


This shoe really surprises you when the strides are really long and difficult, giving a stable feel and comfort. The Akasha provides one of the best or excellent rock protection to your feet.

The rock prick point shock will be distributed/spread uniformly by retaining the flexibility, grip, comfort and trail ground feel.


Durability as expected

The outsole FriXion XT dual-density compound makes sure you'll have a wear-free sole that stays good as new. The injected EVA gives high protection with durability.

The insole is designed extra durable as it keeps the cushion on even after many hours or miles or kilometers run at a stretch. The complete structure of the shoe makes it durable, let it stay in shape, and perform better in each run.


Better comfort comes with a better vent

Being a runner, it is most annoying to feel your feet warm even just after a warmup and a few kilometers of run. This shoe is one among those, which helps you to have a cool run, which eventually reduces the blisters and sweaty feet.


The mesh provided on the surface and inside is perfect enough to keep your feet dry and perform better. The insole absorbs the moisture and adds value to your shoe.

A super responsive shoe

Considering my experience, Akasha is a super responsive shoe. The flexible injected EVA, materials, and mesh used in the shoe makes it super light for the performance.

The Trail-Rocker gives the best feel on any terrain, keeping you moving. Akasha is manufactured considering minute details for your performance on any kind of trail.


There is no fault I see. The cushion, fit, innersole, lace, material, mesh, breathing, response, shock absorption, and others make Akasha one among the best long-distance Ultra trail shoe in the market.  

I can say your feet are in safe hands

No matter what the terrain is, your feet are safe inside. You have overall protection against sharp rocks, cut wooden pricks, slippery running surface, steep downhill while running any trail ultra runs.


The special rubber toe cap promotes lightweight approach towards protection. You will surely love your running journey.


My Experience

So far, I did one Ultra running of 110km at Malnad Ultra. Generally, I wrap my toe by 3M tape to protect from blisters. In every ultra runs, after 50K distance, I change my shoes and socks after 50km. But at this race, I just changed the socks.


I loved the way it is supporting me at every step. I was very confident about my next step and never worried about the terrain. I'm in love with these shoes. Its a little heavy, but it doesn't matter. I can say, if you are doubting my words, please order one for yourself and experience the change and let me know.