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Sometimes you can really tell that a hiking boot has the brawn to give you your A-game on and off the trail. The Corrie 3.2 Hiker from Kenetrek is a shining example of this. But you shouldn't mistake its inherent beefiness for unforgiving rides, as the kick in question overflows with comfort with stellar support to boot. And while on paper it's supposed to be heavy, the contrary is what many adventurers experience in it.


  • Immensely supportive
  • Mighty pampering
  • Minimal break-in
  • Grippy
  • Stout construction
  • Surprisingly light
  • Waterproof
  • Protective underfoot


  • Subpar upper flexibility
  • Pricey

Who should buy the Kenetrek Corrie 3.2 Hiker

The Corrie 3.2 Hiker is a towering trail boot that delivers control wherever your feet may land. Buy it if:

  • You feel safe in waterproof boots that cover your ankles a couple more inches higher.
  • Your hikes or backpacking adventures involve low-level bouldering.
  • Trekking boots that preserve your gait on various terrain are what you need.

Who should not buy it

With no complaints about stiffness, the La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX is a great alternative to the Corrie 3.2 Hiker. Also, check out the Salomon Quest Prime GTX ($190) if you want a budget-friendlier pair.

Wobble-free hikes in the Corrie 3.2 Hiker

Trail-goers in droves agree that the Kenetrek Corrie 3.2 Hiker has 10/10 support. Take a look at their hot takes about it:

  • "Incredible ankle support."
  • "Support is fantastic."
  • "The only boots that can work all day." (from someone who has nerve damage in his right foot)

Dreamy confines on day one

With remarks such as "these feel great" and "crazy comfortable," the Corrie 3.2 Hiker has really hit the mark on the comfort front. But perhaps the best comment about the boot's comfort is this: "they feel like wearing slippers."

Clings like a mountain goat

Grip-wise, the Kenetrek Corrie 3.2 Hiker is fantastic, say reviewers. It gives "excellent traction," says one of them. It's "best for steep hiking," says another.

Might be too awkward for striders

There are those who find the featured trekking boot unamusingly rigid, with one saying that it has "very little flexibility." But there's hope: some of them got the stiffness tamed to an extent after the shoe's minimal break-in period.

Kenetrek Corrie 3.2 Hiker equals super tough

"The toughest boots I have ever worn"—this is how an experienced trekker describes the Corrie 3.2 Hiker. It's a "very solid boot," says another.

Mind-boggling in the weight department

Despite its weight of 726 g apiece, this Kenetrek backpacking boot is still considered lightweight by many. It's an enigma for sure, but with numerous hikers (and hunters) saying that it is so, it's a compelling case, to say the least.

The Corrie 3.2 Hiker's excellent poke protection

One of the many things you'll love about the Corrie 3.2 Hiker is its stout sole unit, which shields the foot from pointy pebbles and sharp rocks.

You'll make it through the rain

Reviewers are convinced that the Kenetrek Corrie 3.2 Hiker has amazing waterproofing. One of them is pretty confident about it, saying there'll be "no wet feet from dew or crossing streams" in this bad boy.

But it requires a fortune

If there's one thing that's difficult to swallow about the Corrie 3.2 Hiker, it has to be its 300-dollar MSRP. After all, the kick in question is $20 more expensive than the average price of backpacking boots.