Use: Day Hiking
Cut: High cut
Price: $165
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Weight: Men: 20.8oz | Women: 16oz
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Brand: Kenetrek
Material: Leather
Colorways: Purple
Small True to size Large
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  • The Bridger Ridge High is specially designed for challenging day hikes in the inclement weather. Its ability to shield the foot from most wet elements is powered by the Event waterproofing technology.
  • This updated version has a burlier profile compared with its former self. Its lacing system has also been given a revamped design.

Kenetrek’s Bridger Ridge High is an adequately true-to-size, high-cut day hiking boot for men and women. It is offered in standard width in full and half sizes. Its redesigned lacing system provides lockdown security and fit precision, while the pull tab on its heel speeds up on and off.

Taking the punches of the rough terrain is the Bridger Ridge High’s rubber outsole. Its sticky, textured surface is engineered with heavy-duty lugs for multi-directional grip over uneven terrain. It also comes equipped with a heel brake, a feature allowing wearers to have better control while descending slopes.

Hikers get to navigate the ruggedness of the trail with enough cushioning and stability thanks to the boot’s carbon fiber midsole. Its thick build is especially noticeable at the heel, offering shock mitigation on ground contact. A supportive insert helps this cushy platform give users extra comfort underfoot.

The Kenetrek Bridger Ridge High covers the foot in its stitched-on over-the-ankle upper. It is imbued with a waterproof membrane from eVent which makes the boot both watertight and breathable. The women's version has overlays that maintain the structure of the boot. On the other hand, the men's version has an overlay shaped like a “K” that provides not only decent abrasion protection but also additional heel support. A similar protective element is engineered at the tip of the upper, giving users ample toe protection.

Cinching the foot in place is the boot’s lacing system. Fabric loops and metallic open hooks make up its combination eyelets.