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    Hiking Sandals

    Made of lightweight materials. They don't have much top-of-the-foot coverage so they're mostly suitable for well-maintained trails and summer hikes. Also useful for crossing rivers and streams. They come in open and closed-toe designs. See the best hiking sandals.

    Hiking Shoes

    The low-cut equivalent of hiking boots. Comfort is paramount in the creation of these shoes so they often have flexible materials. Generally used for day hikes. See hiking shoes.

    Hiking Boots

    Mid to high-cut models designed for more aggressive hikes and backpacking. See hiking boots.

    Mountaineering Boots

    Specialized footwear. Often insulated and used in technical routes, ice climbing or expeditions. See mountaineering boots.

    Good to know

    For hikes that won't last for more than a day, go with hiking sandals or hiking shoes. Tackling trails with greater challenges will require hiking boots or mountaineering boots.

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    Day Hiking

    Shoes or boots for hikes that only last for half a day. Flexibility and lightness are the highlights of these kinds of footwear. See the best day hiking shoes and the best day hiking boots.


    For multi-day trips with a heavy pack. Manufacturers emphasize durability and support in the creation of backpacking boots. See backpacking boots

    Speed Hiking

    Designed for users who want to cover a greater distance by going fast, usually with a light pack. See speed hiking shoes.

    Winter Hiking

    Boots that grant insulation to the user during hikes. See winter hiking boots.


    Mainly sandals. Aside from hiking they can be used for other purposes such as water activities. See multi-sport hiking sandals.

    Good to know

    Casual hikers can choose day hiking footwear or multi-sport sandals. More info here.

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    Men: 13.5oz
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    Men: Normal
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We spent 9.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what hikers think:

11 reasons to buy

  • According to a sizable number of wearers, the Keen Rialto H2 was impressively supportive.
  • This sandal floored droves of owners with its ridiculous amounts of comfort.
  • Despite being only offered in standard width, many wide-footed folks found a satisfyingly accommodating fit in the Keen Rialto H2.
  • When it comes to sturdiness, this strappy footwear far exceeded the expectations of many.
  • A huge percentage of the reviewing populace deemed the sandal as a masterpiece in terms of overall style.
  • Several owners didn’t think twice about calling the Rialto H2 a worthy piece of investment.
  • Some purchasers in search of a sandal with a removable footbed found it in this Keen footwear, and they couldn’t be any happier for it.
  • Based on a handful of reviews, this airy footgear is amazingly versatile. Outside hiking adventures, it may also be used for sporting activities and everyday errands.
  • The Keen Rialto H2’s adjustable heel strap functions surprisingly well, according to a small number of users.
  • No words could accurately describe the joy a couple of hikers felt after experiencing the sandal’s relentless surface traction for the first time.
  • A tiny fraction of verified buyers felt compelled to call this Keen product the best footgear for the summer season.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Disgruntled owners by the dozen didn’t beat around the bush and harshly criticized the sandal for running small.
  • A few wearers were not at all impressed with how the Rialto H2 gave them blistered ankles. Their blisters appeared around the spot where the Velcro strap meets the buckle.
  • Although the sandal is engineered to be odor-repellent, a couple of owners were led to believe otherwise. According to them, it began becoming stinky after only a few days of use.
  • A very small number of reviewers panned the sandal for its inability to dry quickly.

Bottom line

The time when hikers can wear a super comfortable, outstandingly supportive, and unbelievably stylish hiking sandal has finally come with the Rialto H2. Indeed, this strappy product by Keen is all that and more, as it also has a build that lasts and a fit that accommodates both regular and wide feet. However, with all the complaints about its inconsistent sizing, blister-causing heel strap, and hydrophilic footbed, calling it a home run of an achievement would be misinformation. To sum up, the Keen Rialto H2 remains a great accomplishment in many respects despite its rather disconcerting issues.


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Updates to Keen Rialto H2

  • The Keen Rialto H2 is designed for outdoor adventures. It has a water-resistant upper which is a combination of synthetic textile and genuine leather.
  • The engineers infused this multi-sport sandal with the Cleansport NXT technology. This feature works in conjunction with the breathable upper in keeping the Rialto H2 odor free for as long as possible.
  • Stability and shock absorption are prime responsibilities of the sandal’s PU midsole. It is engineered with a metatarsal ridge to double down on underfoot support and improve the user’s overall mobility. It is also imbued with Keen.Zorb Strobel—a technology that adds spring to the wearer’s step and absorbs impact. 
  • An in-house, non-marking outsole gives hikers traction over various types of terrain. The patterned grooves on its underside are designed to provide a secure footing, especially on underdeveloped and slippery trails.

Keen Rialto H2 size and fit

A fairly true-to-size hiking sandal for men is the Keen Rialto H2. It comes in D – standard width. It is offered in a fair number of whole and half sizes. Granting a reassuring lockdown is Keen’s Secure-fit Lace Capture System. It collaboratively works with the adjustable heel strap to grant wearers a kind of fit that matches their preference. According to a retailer, the Rialto H2 has a slightly wider forefoot zone.


Keen’s own rubber outsole is what gives adventurers their much-needed traction. Over mixed terrain and slick surfaces, its tire-like treads and low-profile lugs latch with ample grip. The adequate space between lugs serves as a networked channel through which water escapes, preventing hydroplaning as a result. Perpendicular to the walking direction are ridges on both the forefoot and heel zones. They are slanted and angled slightly to grant wearers extra ascent and descent control. Outside traction, this rubber platform also grants a level of toe protection, thanks to the Keen.Protect technology, marked by the exclamation logo on its front tip. 


The Keen Rialto H2 delivers stability and comfort through its sturdy yet cushy PU midsole. PU or polyurethane is a kind of material that allows the midsole to withstand considerable weight without sustaining cracks. It is also highly resilient in that it doesn’t remain flattened or squished.

The front end of the midsole encroaches the upper, giving the sandal a proper toe guard and making it a closed-toe footgear. Its rear end, on the other hand, is made to have borders to hold the removable PU footbed in place. Additionally, the midsole has an amply raised arch zone for extra bounce, especially during transitions. 


Thanks to its hydrophobic mesh lining, water-resistant, synthetic upper, and perforated leather overlays, the Keen Rialto H2 wraps lightness and performance in one strappy package. At the toe box zone is a contoured strip of synthetic material that reinforces the forefoot region and gives extra toe protection. At the heel is an easy-access, adjustable strap sealable with hook and loop (Velcro-like) fasteners.

When it comes to firm lockdown, the Rialto H2 sports a speed lacing system (aka Secure-fit Lace Capture System). It features stretchy cords for laces complete with an adjustable locking device. It has lace tunnels for eyelets most of which are part of the sandal’s leather overlays. At the mid-center of the tongue is a stitched-on lace keeper which not only holds both the speed laces and tongue in place, but also bears the confidence-inspiring label: American Built. 

Additional Info

  • Clean the Rialto H2 using cold water with mild soap. Excessive dirt must be spot-cleaned with the use of either a soft cloth or stiff-bristled brush. Dry the sandal (preferably air dry) away from heat.