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6 reasons to buy

  • Thermal wonder: Droves of hikers, including experts, praise the excellent insulation of KEEN’s Revel IV High Polar. It lives up to its -40°F warming capability.
  • Day-one comfort: This winter hiker is comfortable straight from the box, numerous trail-goers say.
  • Supportive: Hiking enthusiasts love its reassuring ankle collar.
  • Waterproof: It keeps feet nice and dry, especially in and around melting snow.
  • Sticky: The Revel IV High Polar is part of our highly sought-after boots for being relentlessly grippy on icy surfaces.
  • Light: One of its many draws is its extraordinary lightness, despite its burly construction + 400 g of insulation.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Cramped: It could be roomier, according to a handful of adventurers. These folks miss the spaciousness of some of KEEN’s finest.
  • Lacing issue: The shoe not having KEEN's signature lace lock element is a disappointment. Testers said, “Its absence makes tightening the boot a challenge.”

Bottom line

Dubbed by KEEN as among their warmest boots, the Revel IV High Polar will keep frost bites several miles at bay as you mow down trails. Your feet will also thank you for gracing them with superb traction on ice in this comfy winter-specific pair. When it conforms to your foot, which happens almost instantly, leveled-up hikes in cold conditions are quite guaranteed!

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Revel IV High Polar: A showcase of KEEN technologies

If there is ever a brand that takes homegrown tech seriously, it would have to be KEEN. The Revel IV High Polar is a testament to this with the following:

KEEN.WARM: At 400 g, this insulation will ensure sufficient warmth up to the lower calf in below-zero conditions. This tech coupled with the boot’s heat-trapping insole translates to cozy hikes for many hours!

KEEN.DRY: The Revel IV High Polar is fully waterproof because of this. Since the boot in question has a high clearance, a gaiter is not required to keep your tootsies dry in, say, 5 inches of snow.

KEEN.Polar Traction: This exclusive outsole provides high surface traction on icy surfaces. Engineered for frigid conditions, this rubber component does not freeze easily, keeping its effectiveness intact in extreme cold.


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