Inspired from: Tennis
Collaboration: Kate Spade New York
Collection: Keds x Spade New York
Price: $80
Small True to size Large
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The canvas upper that is a heritage design of the Champion Originals gives these sneakers a soft for secure fit. Offered exclusively for women, the Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion is available in sizes 5-11 M. There are half sizes available for more options. According to 79% of those who reviewed, these sneakers fit true to size. 

Throughout the history of Keds, its design has been known for and lauded for its feminine silhouette and designs. Its collaboration with Kate Spade took the design and elevated its femininity to another level. The Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion comes in an array of seven spring-and-summer appropriate colorways in patterns of polka dot and gingham. Sneakers from this collection speak fun, quirky and most of all, what both brands embody: Ladylike.

Even though it sports a pattern all over the upper of the shoe, it remains to be versatile because of its low-top silhouette. From day to night and from casual to formal, these sneakers match almost any outfit effortlessly.

Collaborations in sneakers pose a win-win situation for both brands as it becomes an opportunity for the brand and the designer to inject their creative ideas. Kate Spade and Keds both embody femininity, making both parties mesh effortlessly.

The American classic, the Champion Originals, couldn't be a more fitting canvas because of its timeless and iconic style. Kate Spade, known for her graphic prints, playful sophistication, and use of eye-catching colors, translated these into this partnership.

Although there are countless brands of those who delved into the sneaker business, Keds is one of the few who pioneered and is still standing strong. Their story started in 1916 when rubber was revolutionized and the process of vulcanization was being experimented. Created by the leading rubber manufacturer in America, the U. S. Rubber Company, Keds initially planned to name the company "Peds," the Native American word for moccasins.

At first, just like how sneakers began, it was marketed for athletic purposes. Because the first rubber-soled model was released and was heavily worn by tennis stars like Helen Wills during the 1920s, Keds took notice and marketed it as the "Shoe of the Champions." Because of the name recall, the brand then decided to modify the name.

Throughout the history of Keds, women became a powerful marketing tool that drove it to its relevance until this day. Because of a strong following, the collaboration with designer Kate Spade couldn't be more complementary because both brands have been known for its celebration with women.

  • The Kate Spade NY Champion has a flexible and textured rubber outsole which provides maximum grip and traction.
  • Similar to Champion Originals, these sneakers sport four metal eyelets for an adjustable and comfortable fit.