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8 reasons to buy

  • The canvas type of the Keds Vollie LTT was way sturdier than other canvas shoes a reviewer has encountered.
  • The sneaker projects an adorable and very stylish image.
  • Several users highly praised the sneaker's Dual Density footbed which showcases extreme comfort in a customized way. A portion of them even mentioned that it acts as a memory foam while also commending the Ortholite properties which wick away moisture and controls odor.
  • The chic style of the sneaker goes well with any pair of clothes. One can either dress up or down with the sneaker and still deliver a fashionable look.
  • Few wearers utilize the Keds Vollie LTT as everyday casual wear.
  • Catching dirt is not that much of a big deal as the sneaker is washable.
  • During summer days or springtime, the sneaker can be a first option for footwear.
  • Several users find the sneaker to be the perfect shoe.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Although some might have achieved a perfect fit, many purchasers stated that the sneaker runs small and narrow. A percentage of these unsatisfied buyers even bought a size larger than their usual and still found the shoe to run slim and uncomfortable.
  • There were a lot of claims that the sneaker's heel curves inward which consistently rubs on the Achilles tendon. Walking with these causes pain and sometimes blisters if not treated with pads or ankle protectors.
  • Aside from the heel, seams found in the toe box and below the laces annoyingly rubs against the foot.
  • The Keds Vollie LTT requires a serious amount of breaking in, according to several users.
  • More wearers were disappointed that the sneaker did not grant enough arch support as opposed to some who commended this function.
  • A couple of buyers obtained a pair that has blue stain marks all over it.

Bottom line

The Keds Vollie LTT leads fashion and style during summer time with its low top figure and versatile lace-to-toe silhouette. It allows multiple variants of apparel combinations to shine whether indoors or outdoors.

Its concave heel collar often rubs against the Achilles tendon which leads to pain and blisters. Wearers compensate for the missing arch support by utilizing utilize inserts. More or less, the Keds Vollie LTT is one of the favorites that is a staple when traveling the globe while projecting a clean and silky look.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Keds Vollie
Price: $50
Colorways: Blue, Grey
Small True to size Large
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The low top sneaker consists of lace-up features for lockdown that is woven into five pairs of eyelets that extend up to the toe box. The panels are well-ventilated thanks to its canvas nature which are double-sealed inside by a textile material. Cushioning comes from the dual-density foam insert that conforms to the natural stride and stance of a user's foot. It is also of OrthoLite™ nature which wicks away moisture and takes care of odors.

The Keds Vollie LTT is made especially for women in B medium width lengths. The sneaker is generally released thus accommodating a full-size run availability from 4 to 12.

Numerous clothing options come to mind when regarding the Keds Vollie LTT sneaker. If the styles in which the sneaker can be partnered were enumerated, the sufficient list would include a pair of jeans, yoga pants, leggings, and shorts. The simplistic appeal of the sneaker, coupled with its low-top and low profile figure, allows it to blend with formal to street casual clothing ubiquitously. During summer days, one can be bold and flaunt a summer dress sporting these sneakers.

The LTT variation of the Vollie model from Keds indicates a lace-to-toe enclosure which maximizes the predecessor's adjustable fit. The lace bed overlay also overlaps the stitching originating from the toe box which gives its distinction from other Keds sneakers.

By encompassing a tremendous century, Keds stuck as closest to its roots as possible. Messages conveying female empowerment was royally delivered along its long unshaken Keds line of footwear. But more significant acknowledgment must be bestowed upon its legacy of being the pioneer catalyst of the word all global brands today coin as the "sneaker."

Numerous icons add prestige to the Connecticut-born brand from Audrey Hepburn to the more recent Taylor Swift. And as the years unfold, innumerable opportunities present itself with the prevailing notion of simple silhouettes dominating the streets and the media limelight. It is timely for Keds to produce sneakers that would cater the everyday routines of feminine members of society while keeping simplicity and high-end style atop.

It is a surprising achievement for the world-renowned brand to showcase styles from ten decades ago and still be relevant up to the present. Other improvements like extended lacing morphed the variety of Keds sneakers which brings versatility into their templates. An example of this is the Keds Vollie LTT which feature several technologies all cramped up into a low top sneaker.

The Vollie LTT features a dual-density foam insole and a padded lining which are both covered by a breathable textile material. It also includes two upper iterations namely leather and canvas. The sneaker was a rightful piece of addition to the centennial celebration of the inaugural brand.

  • LTT stands for "lace-to-toe" which is also used in other varieties of Keds sneakers like the Ace, Coursa and other men-specific sneakers.
  • The heel is also padded to add benefit to the dual-density footbed.
  • A durable rubber outsole with circular notch patterns provides grip and traction.