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10 reasons to buy

  • Women buyers can’t get enough of the retooled form as its shimmery sole offers a lovely look.
  • A very cozy and cushioned sneaker that’s suitable for all-day walking, inside the shopping malls and along the parks.
  • The pearly, triple-deck sole of the Keds Triple Kick Shimmer offers a nice blush to one’s attire especially during the fall season.
  • Its inlay sole has remarkable, soft padding, noted by many.
  • A comfortable sneaker that isn’t only suitable for casual corporate wear but even for off-work night outs, as stated by several buyers.
  • Several consumers are getting compliments while wearing this shoe as its shiny and pronounced midsole is attractive.
  • A shoe that several reviewers won’t hesitate to recommend to their friends.
  • A few mentioned that their decision to purchase this shoe was perfect as it is comfortable and stylish.
  • Many reviewers can’t help but admire the style of this sneaker.
  • The Keds Triple Kick Shimmer comes with an affordable price tag.

3 reasons not to buy

  • It comes in limited colors, said by a few buyers.
  • This pump gets dirty quite easily, mentioned by one reviewer.
  • One purchaser stated her Achilles’ heel got blisters while sporting this shoe.

Bottom line

The Keds Triple Kick Shimmer is one of the pumped up reinterpretations given to the ageless silhouette, which gets an extra boost of appeal with its elevated height. Its outer appearance is as riveting as its comfy interior built with a soft, cushioned footbed. Its affordable rate is a come on that’s why many have given this shoe a five-star rating.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Keds sneaker
It has never been more popular than this June

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The low-top Keds Triple Kick Shimmer is covered with a breathable, lightweight, and comfortable canvas material that easily stretches. Consumers effortlessly fall in love with its charming façade and a heavenly interior that features a full length and moderately cushioned footbed. These sneakers are available in women’s sizes from 5 to 11 US and in medium width.

Keds gives you a new reason to get obsessed with highly chic, classic sneakers with the release of its low-top Triple Kick Shimmer that’s made with an eye-catching platform sole. This modern modification on the timeless canvas design with a thick, lustrous sole encourages you to be creative in styling up your casual garb.

The fun shades and funky composition of this ultra-feminine pump add pizzazz to your slim-fitted jeans, printed leggings, bold-colored tapered pants, cropped or embellished shorts, maxi dresses and mini skirts.

Keds creates an exciting twist to its classic silhouette and turns the old school sneaker into a stylish platform shoe with the added inch of height and a splash of pearly luster. This elevated pump radiates in beauty inside and out as it not only comes in lovely shades but allows women sneaker devotees to bask in comfort since its interior is extra cushy.

While most sports shoe brands back in the early 1900s were geared towards crafting efficient performance footwear suitable for the men athletes, one brand fearlessly changed the game and went towards providing women consumers comfortable rubber-soled shoes called Keds. Debuted in 1916, Keds was the first all-around shoe ever created for women.

The comfortable makeup of Keds sneakers, a blend of canvas upper and grippy rubber outsole, granted women clients during that time a sense of empowerment since such footwear allowed them the versatility to tackle multiple tasks in a day without the need to wear painful heels.

Women athletes also banked on the efficiency, flexibility, durability, and comfort of the original Keds kicks that it became a favorite choice for different types of sports. Soon such low-top was rebranded as the Keds Champion since it has ushered various women athletes in snagging coveted titles in various fields of sports while donning such shoe.

Today, Keds has already crossed over 100 years, yet in spite of its longevity it continues to run strong, influencing women consumers with its classic, winning form. Little alterations were made to its iconic white canvas upper, rubber sole, and trademark blue rubber logo using various materials and midsole retooling.

One of the revamped concepts is the Keds Triple collection launched in 2014. Taking a cue from its name, sneakers under this lineup are beaming with elevated midsoles that give women buyers the extra boost of height without the agony of wearing heels. The Keds Triple Kick Shimmer was released three years later which is composed of three layers of rubber soles embraced by a glossy foxing tape around its perimeter.

In spite of its updated look, Keds casual sneaker selections stay close to its original silhouette, which is why it remains to be a go-to style for everyday wear basking in timeless beauty.

  • The Keds Triple Kick Shimmer has a lustrous rubber foxing.
  • It comes with a soft, breathable twill lining.
  • Its shimmery sole is one-inch thick.
  • This sneaker has six pairs of tonal eyelets.
  • Inside the shoe is a full-length OrthoLite insole that offers breathability.
  • At the bottom of the shoe a textured rubber sole that offers flexibility.
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Danny McLoughlin

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