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7 reasons to buy

  • The additional height that the Keds Triple Decker Reverse Sequin provides is well-loved by one purchaser
  • Several of the commenters praised how comfortable these sneakers are.
  • The playfulness of the colors and the interchangeable colors of the sequins is a playful addition to the aesthetic of the shoe that is loved by many online buyers.
  • These shoes are an excellent kickstarter for spring and summer.
  • A handful of satisfied customers savored the compliments that they have received from wearing these sneakers from Keds.
  • Happy with her new pair, one said that she would wholeheartedly recommend Keds Triple Decker shoes.
  • The versatility of these is undeniable as it can transition from casual to dressy occasions, one said.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The sequins show a different color on the picture than in real life
  • Sequins stay straight up instead of laid down when you reverse them, stick up, so you don’t see the full color

Bottom line

The Keds Triple Decker Reverse Sequin on feet seems ordinary at first glance, but looking closer unravels the unconventional but wearable aura that the brand is known for. The reversed sequins have been used for several items, and it caught the attention of the child in us. These sneakers are a perfect piece for anyone looking for anything subtly sparkly.


Base model: Keds Triple Decker
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Keds Triple
Price: $65
Colorways: Blue, White
Small True to size Large
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The women's Keds Triple Decker Reverse Sequin ranges from 5-11 Medium. Though it is already stated in the product description that it has a narrow fit, many expressed their concurrence with it.

They are blatantly well-known on pillows, but the flirtatiousness and playfulness of Keds sneakers call for sequins that change colors when touched. Magic or not, based on the looks of these sneakers, the party will certainly get started. Users can choose from white and pink colorways, but just a couple of strokes on these will reveal a new colorway. Pair these sneakers with any outfit that needs some livening up.

It’s not all style that the Keds Triple Deck Reverse Sequin boast. Albeit not the frontman in technologies compared to its footwear rivals, these sneakers are equipped with its all-new release, the Dream Foam footbed, which allows users to withstand all-day wear despite the additional height.

A household name in the women’s footwear is Keds. The massive head start of starting in 1916 not only gave the company an edge but extreme knowledge of knowing what women want and need. The brand was the first to step up in the game, but its relevance up until now sends a louder message. The legendary Champion, the first marketed canvas sneaker, started it all.

Since then, the brand produced many silhouettes but remained women a critical consideration in their product line. Another iconic release is the Triple Decker, a platform type of sneaker. The Reverse Sequin colorway is one of its renditions as it adds quirkiness and a playful detail to the usual canvas that we are used to.

  • The brand suggests to spot clean, and air dry these as part of its caring instruction.
  • These sneakers are relatively affordable as users can avail them for only $64.95.


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