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Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Keds Studio
Price: $65
Small True to size Large
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Being a slip on, the low-top Keds Studio Dash is far from being constricting on foot. With the heathered jersey upper, the softness of the material and its lightweight property makes the low top very breathable and plush when worn. A padded neoprene heel can also be observed, and this gives added cushion for the wearer. All in all, Keds has really thought out how comfort and fit can complement one another in the Keds Studio Dash sneaker.

For those who want to own these, the sneaker is available in sizes for women from 5 to 11 US in medium width.

Coming in one color, mainly grey, one would think that the Keds Studio Dash is limiting concerning fashion. As a pair of slip ons for women that really embody what woman empowerment is all about, this cannot be further from the truth. The heathered jersey upper makes it very easy to pair and the best kind of outfit to go with this low top leans towards athleisure wear and casual clothing.

Joggers, leggings, simple shirts, hoodies, and sweats make it a perfect errand runner for those headed to the grocery store, or for a quick run to the mall. For a more casual outfit that shies away from the “gym” vibe, consider going with skinny jeans and a simple plain t-shirt. To up the game a little, bomber jackets will make one shine in the Keds Studio Dash. These will always go well with summer dresses, rompers and jumpers, and shorts.

Simple in look, the Keds Studio Dash is actually jampacked with modern sneaker technology that is a big advantage to the wearer. Special attention was taken to make sure that every component of the low top gives the best of the best. Some of the technology that the brand has imbued and injected into this delight of a shoe includes cooling linings for breathability, perforated footbeds for that lightweight touch and airiness, and ventilated foam outsoles that also give added arch support.

When it came to rubber, the whole of America and every industry there was entirely changed by the introduction of rubber. Rubber was crucial, and a significant aspect of life and in 1916, a company called U.S. Rubber changed it all. A merger of nine different rubber manufacturers, U.S. Rubber, began producing shoes under the name, Keds.

Historically, the first ever shoe that Keds released, which is surprisingly still widely popular today and a favorite for many, is the rubber-soled Champion canvas plimsoll aptly known as the Champion Original. It’s also a good thing to know that back in the 1910s, when championing women wasn’t really a thing, Keds marketed its sneakers for women, posing them as athletic shoes. With such a culture back then, it was only logical that women would try hard to get a pair of Keds sneakers. Its increasing demand led to Keds success, its popularity taking it well into the 1960s when celebs like Audrey Hepburn wore the shoes. Considering its strong presence, it really didn't come as much of a shock or surprise when the brand became a household name all over the USA.

Today, Keds still enjoys the popularity and is a favorite amongst the younger generation. Continuing celebrity endorsements such as Taylor Swift has undoubtedly fueled it some more. Through the years, Keds has innovated and adapted to the changing times, carefully curating and adding great shoes to its line up. At the same time, the brand remains faithful and true to its mission; to put women where they want and where they should be, and help them reach where they want to go.

With years of experience under its belt, Keds introduces to the public another stellar shoe in the form of the Keds Studio Dash. This sneaker is part of the Keds Studio Collection and are sleek, light as air, and made to deliver performance when worn. With this pair of sneakers, the athleisure trend is definitely defined.

  • The Keds Studio Dash is a slip-on style sneaker.
  • A Keds branded nylon pull tab can be observed at the heel of the sneaker.
  • The footbeds are removable.
  • For washing and care instructions: Spot wash sneaker, and air dry at room temperature only.