Top: High
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Keds Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $75
Colorways: Black, Brown
Small True to size Large
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Although some users have found the kick to fit true to size, the majority said that it felt too snug when worn with socks. Hence they recommended going a size up.

The Keds Scout Suede Wool WX is solely offered in women's sizes that range from 5 to 11. A combination of a cushioned Ortholite insole and soft jersey lining provide a comfortable in-step feel and a secure fit.

Crafted from a combination of smooth suede and fuzzy wool, the Keds Scout Suede Wool WX  exudes a stylish design brought about by the upper's contrasting textures. But don't let its soft façade fool you as it can stand up to unpredictable weather and keep your feet dry. Now you can get stylish even during the dreary days by pairing it with an oversized coat, thermal leggings, and a turtleneck.

This high-top's silhouette commands attention once it enters the room, while the upper's contrasting textures provide a nice touch that enhances its overall design. To top it all off, the kick's outdoor-inspired shoelaces add a rugged detail that previews its robust feature that is the water and dirt resistant finishing.

Launched in 1916, Keds was birthed out of a merger between different manufacturers of the vulcanized rubber sole. Realizing there was a gap in the market for a casual kick with a rubber sole the company decided to produce the first sneaker crafted from canvas and rubber.

Peds was the brand's first choice for its name, which is the Latin word for "foot," but later found out that it is already taken, so they opted for Keds. The word Keds meant "moccasins" in the Native American language. Later on, "sneakers" became the nickname of Keds' shoes due to their rubber-soled kicks' ability to make no noise, which made it easy to sneak around.

Keds' most iconic model is the Champion which is also their very first shoe released. However, the brand manufactures not only sneakers but also cleat-inspired models, which are usually the perfect blend of sneakers and classic footwear ideal for adding oomph to your look. One of these models is the Keds Scout Suede Wool WX. It is finished with a water and dirt resistant coating to keep feet dry no matter the season. The kick is available in two color options.

  • It is available in Medium width.
  • The pair comes with an extra set of shoelaces.
  • A pull-tab is placed on the heel for easier pull on.