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7 reasons to buy

  • “Cute,” “lovely,” “attractive” and “stylish” were some of the words used to describe the low-top Keds Prestige sneaker.
  • This low-top Keds shoe perfectly matches many outfits, as lauded by a reviewer.
  • A few purchasers appreciated the Keds Prestige sneaker for its good cushioning impact.
  • Like other Keds sneakers, it is available at a budget-friendly price point.
  • The shoe is applauded by several users because its upper leather is easy to clean.
  • Many people appreciated the colorways of the Keds Prestige sneaker.
  • It has great gel insoles that felt cushy, as commended by a couple of users.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Many wearers criticized the Keds Prestige because it runs small and narrow. They had to get a pair one size larger than they usually get to have a snug fit.
  • A couple of users didn’t appreciate the stiffness and the quality of the leather upper as it caused a sharp feeling, cuts as well as blisters on the heel or Achilles tendon.
  • The sneaker does not have enough padding and arch support, said a few buyers.
  • Some commenters mentioned that the construction of the Keds Prestige from the ankle to the heel is too shallow. This caused the heel to slip.
  • A handful of users said that the shoe is very uncomfortable.

Bottom line

Comfort and style are the two things that the low-top Keds Prestige is made of. Available at a budget-friendly price point, this sporty sneaker can be perfectly paired with several outfits. Albeit it is made to fit true to size, several wearers complained that it’s too narrow and tight.

To achieve a comfy fit, some wearers with broader feet, who are already aware of its sizing, ordered a shoe with a wider width or a pair which is one size larger than they regularly get.


Expert Reviews

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For women who want to get the low-top Keds Prestige sneaker, it is available in sizes 5 to 11 US, wide and medium width. Many users attest that this style is too narrow and tight, although it’s made to fit true to size. Therefore, ladies with broader feet may opt for a wider width and a one-size larger than they normally get to achieve a comfortable fit.

Its sophisticated and genuine leather upper and the perforations on its sides allow air to circulate efficiently, letting the feet stay cool and dry. For added comfortability, it is equipped with a soft mesh lining giving a great next-to-skin feel.

Feel prestigious with every step if you put this sneaker on. This sporty sneaker has a classic lace-up closure system that offers a secure fit. Whether it is for shopping, walking around or any casual attire, wearers may pair this stylish shoe with their shorts, Capris, denim jeans, leggings or skirt along with a T-shirt, blouse or any casual top. For a chic yet sporty look, ladies can also pair this versatile shoe with their shirtdresses.

Aside from the comfort from its Ortholite insole, having the sporty and versatile silhouette is one of the notable features of the Keds Prestige. Crafted with the premium leather upper, this stylish sneaker perfectly fits and matches any kind of outfit.  Comfortability, elegance, and support are what the low-top Keds Prestige sneaker is all about.

In 1892, the US Rubber company was founded.  They started to engineer shoes with rubber soles for several companies. Later, they decided to create and launch their brand. Initially, they wanted to name it as “Peds.” It is from a Latin word which means foot. However, it was already taken, so they named it “Keds.” In the native American word, Keds means moccasins. The word “sneaker” originated from Keds. Since their shoes are equipped with rubber soles which can sneak around without being easily noticed, so the word “sneaker” was born.

The first rubber-soled shoe that Keds marketed was the Champion Original. Since then, several Keds models have been released in the market. Until today, the Keds shoes continue to be one of the choices of ladies. The Keds’ core principle is to empower women whenever and wherever they go. This brand has become a staple of casual and comfortable dressing for both regular buyers and influential people like Marilyn Monroe, Yoko Ono, Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift.

The Keds Prestige sneaker has a genuine leather upper with holes on the side that deliver breathability and comfortability. Its Impressions memory foam footbed provides additional comfort. It utilizes the washable and lightweight Ortholite® insole, enhancing the shoe performance and providing a healthier environment for your feet.

  • You can find the Keds brand name on the tongue, at the back of the heel and on the side collar.
  • It has durable and flexible rubber outsoles that provide good traction.
  • The low-top Keds Prestige has a padded tongue and collar.
  • It has an extra heel padding for all-day comfortability.
  • Its shipping weight is 14.1 oz.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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