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10 reasons to buy

  • Most testers liked the style of the shoe, with many saying that it looked great for summer outfits. One buyer approved of the sneaker’s low-profile look.
  • Many wearers liked that the shoes were comfortable right out of the box. One shared that she wore them during a walking trip, while another added that they eased her rheumatoid arthritis.
  • A few users got many compliments from wearing the Keds Kickstart Perf Leather.
  • More than a handful thought the perforated leather was great for the warmer months. One user added that it offered a cool feel with the air wafting in.
  • Most purchasers highly recommended the kicks.
  • The Kickstart Perf Leather was lightweight, said some wearers.
  • A few buyers said they would definitely buy more, especially if more colors were added.
  • It’s a budget-friendly sneaker. Moreover, several reviewers affirmed that the shoe was certainly worth the price.
  • The Keds Kickstart Perf Leather was easy to clean, observed a few users.
  • A couple of purchasers said it easily accommodated orthotics.

6 reasons not to buy

  • More than a handful of testers were dissatisfied with the quality of the shoe. They complained that the leather upper started ripping at the seams after a few months of normal use. Another added that the Keds branding at the heel faded away easily.
  • Many users found the kicks too narrow and tight for those with wide feet.
  • One wearer said that it fit differently than other Keds shoes.
  • The Kickstart Perf Leather from Keds was quite flat with not much arch support, complained a lot of testers. Inserts had to be added for those who needed more support.
  • A buyer grumbled that the shoes were blindingly white. Another added that they scuffed easily because of the bright color.
  • A lot of purchasers said that the Kickstart Perf Leather’s heel was cut too low. The shoe kept slipping at the heel and scraped the skin.

Bottom line

The Keds Kickstart series is always looking for fresh takes on women’s casual shoes. A classic tennis sneaker is taken on to create different styles, like the Kickstart Perf Leather. Its attractive all-white perforated leather upper is breathable, creating a summery flair.

The low-profile style makes it ideal for any casual occasion. At its budget-friendly price, the kicks are definitely worth looking into for seasonal casual footwear. At the same time, the shoe offers less arch support along with a narrow construction and a low-cut collar.


Base model: Keds Kickstart Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Keds Kickstart
Price: $60
Colorways: White
Special editions: 1 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Keds sneaker

The Keds Kickstart Perf Leather comes in regular width, offering women’s US sizing ranging from 5-11. It fits true to size in general. However, many testers went a half size up after finding the shoe too narrow. Ankle movement is unobstructed with the sneaker’s low-cut collar. An upper made of perforated leather provides good support. It has a lace-to-toe design that makes the fit snug and secure.

Perforations on the upper of the low-top Keds Kickstart Perf Leather give the shoe a summery look. Not only is it an attractive detail, but it’s functional, too, providing a cool and airy feel for warm weather. Shorts, dresses, and almost any spring or summer outfit will go well with the kicks.

The sporty, closed-toe sneaker is also great for pairing with jeans, pants, and corduroys. Its low-profile vibe is a refreshing break from all the puffy white shoes in the market today, offering a simple and feminine look instead.

A clean-cut, straightforward design makes the Kickstart Perf Leather an instant casual staple. Its all-white perforated leather upper is complemented by the six-eyelet lacing system. The green accent color logos on the tongue and low-top collar, along with the blue logo on the heel tab, break the shoe’s monochrome look.

Keds started out as a rubber shoe brand created by the U.S. Rubber Company in 1916. Since its founding, it has always been known for being pioneering when it comes to ladies’ footwear. The company also launched the #LadiesFirst campaign to support and empower women everywhere.

One notable ladies’ shoe series from the brand is the Kickstart line. It takes a classic tennis silhouette and reinvents it with modern details to fit the lifestyle of today’s women. The Kickstart shoes feature the same minimalist design principles, yet the styles are always fresh and appropriate for casual wear.

The Keds Kickstart Perf Leather is no exception, with clean lines and a round toe design that goes well with any casual outfit. Its iconic perforated leather upper offers a breathable feel in warm weather while keeping things laid-back. It's a shoe designed for any relaxed setting.

  • Soft twill lining is used for extra breathability.
  • The insole is cushioned for comfort and impact protection.
  • Its rubber outsole is flexible and textured for more movement.
  • Spot washing and air drying are recommended for the sneaker.
  • Retro sport-inspired foxing was used to improve durability.