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Base model: Keds Kickstart
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Keds Kickstart
Price: $55
Colorways: Beige, Grey
Special editions: 6 special editions
Small True to size Large
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Its canvas upper allows the shoe to become breathable and lightweight. The traditional lacing enclosure offers a secure and snug fit.

The low-top Keds Kickstart Geo is offered in US women’s sizes from 5 to 11, medium width.

The popular saying less is more has never been when it comes to sneakers. It is significantly easier to incorporate a pair of shoe that has fewer features with any casual or semi-formal outfit. With the case of the Keds Kickstart Geo, its neutral colors and nuances on its design add elegance and sophistication to its minimalistic silhouette.

As an excellent option for summer ensembles, there is a myriad of casual clothing combinations that wearers can go with, which attests to its versatility. Try the Keds Kickstart Geo with a simple striped knit dress or a dark-colored jacket for a sporty chic vibe or be hip with a pair of cuffed jeans and a sweatshirt or graphic tee.

The canvas upper of the Keds Kickstart Geo brandishes a modest diamond-shaped texture and gold-colored eyelets which contributes to the shoe’s pristine and classy appeal.  Its Ortholite footbed delivers the necessary comfort and cushioning that is advantageous for everyday wear while the rubber outsole offers traction. Also, the sport-inspired foxing contributes to the shoe’s durability.

Keds got its start in 1916 when the U.S. Rubber Company decided to manufacture rubber-soled shoes. The company is one of the precursors of mass producing a type of rubber-soled shoe that we refer to now as sneakers.  Since its beginnings, Keds is known to design shoes that are mainly marketed for women. Despite a couple of ownership changes, the company maintains its excellent stature among its enthusiasts.   

The Keds Kickstart shoe line embodies style and functionality without the expensive price tag, which captivated women everywhere. Exhibiting athletic origins but with clean and casual designs, the line has been pretty much a staple in women’s closets.  Models such as the Kickstart Chambray Stripe, Kickstart Leather, and Kickstart Baja Stripe received praises due to its eye-catching design.

As the latest addition to the Kickstart line, the Keds Kickstart Geo which was initially released in 2017 possesses the same tennis silhouette as the other models. Its difference from the original model is the striking pattern that adorns the canvas material of the shoe.

  • The sneaker has a lace-to-toe silhouette.
  • Its approximate weight is 8.8 ounces.


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