Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Keds Champion
Price: $40
Small True to size Large
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The Keds Champion Sweater Lace are exclusively offered in women's sizes ranging from 5-11 M. This low-top silhouette comes in a traditional lace-up closure with four antique brass colored eyelets that allows the users to secure the shoe based on their preferred tightness. Fans of Keds can already have a feel of how Keds sizing goes albeit based on the general feedback, it fits true to size.

Since 1916, Keds has always provided the market casual and effortlessly cool footwear that carries simple yet second-look worthy designs, the Keds Champion Sweater Lace, included. As a reiteration of the first model released by the brand, this model continues to prove that it is indeed the champion's sneaker. Clad in the original iconic silhouette, the Sweater Lace comes in a variety of colorways but remain casual and classic. The two sets of laces- round tonal knit lace and flat tonal lace, give two distinct styles that need not exerting too much effort. Both of the looks created with these laces keep the sneakers' versatility intact.

Indeed the shoes of the champions, the Keds Champion Sweater Lace does not only boast of style but in comfort as well. It is infused with Ortholite sock liner, a foam technology that provides long-term cushioning, a high-level of breathability, moisture management system, and easy-to-maintain feature.

Upon the emergence of the revolutionary vulcanizing process, U.S. Rubber started its company in producing a wide range of products like tires and gloves. Soon after, with the intent to expand its product range, the company developed rubber-soled shoes called sneakers and released it for different brands. In 1916, the brand decided to unite the production under one name, giving birth to Keds, a Native American word for moccasins.

Sneakers, a type of footwear that easily makes one "sneak out" because it doesn't produce sound, highly became synonymous with Keds because of its rubber-soled shoe. The first model produced by Keds was called Keds Champion. Its name was coined after seeing 1920s professional tennis players like Helen Wills use the sneakers on court. It gave the company the idea to rename the model as the shoe of the Champions. The style of the sneaker soon evolved in the 1950s as the sneaker became heavily featured in casual looks.

  • The canvas upper is combined with twill lining for superior breathability and comfort.
  • Taylor Swift, who previously collaborated with Keds, was seen wearing the Champion Sweater Lace on some brand campaigns.