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9 reasons to buy

  • The Keds Champion Cotton Sateen is presented in multiple colorways.
  • Many buyers praised the versatile overall profile of this model that can be paired easily with almost any casual ensembles.
  • The lightness of this model has been mentioned several times in the reviews.
  • Many buyers applauded the timeless profile of this shoe. Few even shared that they have been loyal to the classic Champion since they were kids.
  • A large percentage of the buyers graciously endorsed this kick to their peers.
  • Most respondents happily cited the overall comfort this sneaker delivers.
  • Few ladies shared that this is a perfect summer pair.
  • Some buyers praised the durability of this sneaker.
  • This kick is found at an affordable price point.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Some critics disclosed that this model is not suitable for activities that require standing for a long time.
  • A couple of reviewers complained that blisters formed at their heel area because of the stiff material found on the collar.
  • Few griped that the laces are weak and easily breaks.
  • Numerous wearers complained about the poor arch support of the Keds Champion Cotton Sateen.

Bottom line

Flaunting its iconic profile, the Keds Champion Cotton Sateen is worthy to be added in one's collection. Its versatile design and comfortable impression have been cited numerous times in the reviews. Most buyers highly recommended this for its durability and practicality that seamlessly can match any guise for whatever occasions. However, few critics discouraged owning this for its unsatisfactory arch support making it not advisable for all day use.



A top 3% best sneaker
A top rated Keds sneaker

This model is offered particularly in women's sizing from 5 to 11 US in medium width. The brand appended cushy Ortholite sockliner that wicks away the moisture while preventing odor formation. This pair also has a conventional four-eyelet lacing system to deliver a customized fit for well-fitting strides.

This low-top Keds Champion Cotton Sateen boasts its timeless look that has withstood the tests of century-old time. This model stayed authentic to its predecessor by showcasing a subdued profile offered in numerous colorways which can be blended smoothly with almost any kinds of attire. 

Meanwhile, the cotton sateen upper adds traces of glamorous feel as it gives a faint gloss. This gleam is a result of the special kind of cotton used that were woven in densely pattern. Because of its minimalist design, many love styling this with virtually any laidback ensemble, such as jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Aside from the timeless profile of the Keds Champion Cotton Sateen, one would not miss noticing the slight gloss the cotton sateen reflects. The cotton sateen sheets have a pleasant subtle sheen because of the densely woven unique cotton. These fibers were banded together to create a solid piece of fabric that creates a hint of luster when reflected with light.

The US Rubber Company that was established in 1892 manufactured several kinds of rubber-soled shoes. In 1916, the company finally came up with footwear with canvas upper and vulcanized rubber sole.

This lightweight plimsoll was later on dubbed as 'sneakers' for its soundless nature perfect for sneaking out, silently. This coined term was marketed by Henry McKinney which eventually turned as an essential term for the lifestyle fashion.

The company that manufactured the 'sneakers' initially planned to dub these as 'Peds,' but since the name was already taken, the company resorted to naming it to Keds which is synonymous to the Native American term to moccasins.

To make these canvas sneakers catchier, the brand thought of coming up with a specific model name and called it the Champion. This model has survived the tests of time and has undergone several revamping to suit the modern market.

One of it is the Keds Champion Cotton Sateen which boasts its elegance that can be used for the everyday fashion. The traditional canvas upper was replaced with cotton sateen fabric that reflects a hint of sheen to add stylishness to the overall look of this kick.

  • This pair comes with two sets of flat cotton laces - tonal and white.
  • This model has vulcanized rubber outsole to contribute to overall lightness and flexibility.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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