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8 reasons to buy

  • According to many ladies, the Keds Anchor Slip On Leather has a simple yet stylish classic look that perfectly matches any casual wear.
  • This model comes in at a very budget-friendly price.
  • Some ladies described this as their go-to travel sneaker because of its nice, quick slip-on feature.
  • A couple of testers remarked that the leather version of the Anchor Slip On shoe by Keds delivers great comfort to the feet.
  • Its well-padded collar pleased several users.
  • The white leather upper is easy to wipe clean, according to a handful of wearers. 
  • Most of the wearers agreed it runs true to size.
  • At least one user said that the Anchor Slip On Leather’s design reminded her of the 1980s era.

3 reasons not to buy


  • This model is only available in a single colorway.
  • Its tapered toe box felt slightly narrow to a few wearers.
  • A small handful of customers wished the shoe had more arch support.

Bottom line

Further enriching Keds’ catalog of timeless white sneakers is the Anchor Slip On Leather. It looks effortlessly stylish in its impeccably white leather slip-on upper, pointing forward with an elegantly tapered toe box, drawing out a more feminine look.

But this gorgeous sneaker isn’t just all looks; its features have depth too. The twin-gored upper sits atop a slab of a flexible, lightweight white rubber sole. Cradling the foot to sleep is the new Dream Foam insole, complemented with a well-padded collar. This model is sold at only $55 apiece.


Base model: Keds Anchor Slip On Canvas
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Keds Anchor
Price: $55
Colorways: White
Small True to size Large
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All set in medium width, the Keds women’s Anchor Slip On Leather shoes are offered in sizes 5 to 11. Though its upper is made of quality leather, it has a twin gore slip-on feature that provides a stretchy fit and makes it easy to put on in an instant. Besides that, its low-top built does not restrict ankle motion, allowing the wearer to adapt freely to spontaneous foot transitions.

A slip-on model such as this one evokes a mood for having a leisurely walk or long travel as it only takes less than ten seconds to put these on. What makes the Keds Anchor Slip On Leather more inviting is how easy it is to style. No need to spend long minutes or hours in front of the mirror.

Ladies can quickly dress this shoe up with a pair of jeans, skimpy shorts, summer dresses, skirts, paired up with sleeveless shirts, blouses—about any casual clothing—and hit the streets and roam around the city, be it day or night.  

Its completely white color scheme—save for the blue Keds branding on the heel and the brown gum rubber outsole—is its most striking feature. Giving its all-white look a catchy but subtle detail is the classic feminine tailoring running along the half of shoe.

Founded in 1916, Keds have soon become among the foremost footwear brands for the ladies. With their release of the Champion, which became an iconic outing shoe, ladies worldwide flocked around the brand. That never stopped, generation after generation, a hundred years later. It’s a testament to the brand’s longevity. Upon the launching of their centenary, Keds wrote in their campaign, “Ladies first since 1916,” taking pride of their commitment.

Keds have long also anchored their reputation around their timeless clean-white sneakers for the ladies and never stopped banking on that. The Anchor Slip On Leather is a beautiful vintage-inspired addition to their long list of white sneakers.

  • Keds signed Taylor Swift as brand ambassador in 2015.
  • This model is molded from a vintage-inspired feminine last.


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