Our verdict


The consensus about the Karrimor Antibes is that it gives excellent value for money. Comfort-wise, this sandal is one for the books, while its strappy design screams elegance and long-lastingness at the same time. You're also in for a fresh ride every time in the Antibes as it proactively pumps out stuffiness as you go. And have we mentioned yet that it's quite budget-friendly?


  • Brilliantly comfy
  • Built to last
  • Keeps feet cool
  • Convenient strap adjustments
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Eye-catching
  • Very affordable
  • No-soak footbed


  • Lacks cushioning underfoot
  • Footbed traps in debris

Who should buy the Karrimor Antibes

The Antibes brings to the trail-goer's table extra exhilarating light hikes. Buy it if:

  • Your feet overheat easily.
  • You prefer inexpensive hiking sandals, especially heavy-duty ones.
  • Strappy hikers lined with plush padding are what you prefer.
  • Sandals with removable heel straps excite you.

Who should not buy it

You're better off sporting the ECCO Yukatan if you want a super-plush experience underfoot. Also, try the Teva Universal Trail—it comes with a less textured/grooved footbed, which can shake off debris with every step.

The Antibes' enchanting comfort

Numerous reviewers adore the comfiness of the Antibes. Their love for the sandal's comfort level is reflected in the following remarks:

  • "Supremely comfortable."
  • "The comfiest walking sandals ever."
  • "So comfortable that I forget I have them on."
  • "Like walking on air."

Can take a serious beating

With comments like "durability is excellent" and "designed to get wet without falling apart," the Karrimor Antibes is not flimsy at all.

Beat the heat in every pair

There are those who find the Karrimor Antibes quite breathable. One of them calls it "the perfect everyday sandal for summer." There's also someone from Florida who finds the sandal cool enough for temps reaching as high as 33­°C.

Could use a bit more softness underfoot

"Plasticky underfoot"—this is how one owner describes the Karrimor Antibes' non-removable footbed. Another tester arrived at the same conclusion, but instead of saying something creative about it, they resorted to just warning readers that the featured kick is not recommended for long walks.

Karrimor Antibes equals debris magnet

It has been reported that the insole of the Antibes tends to trap in sand and other grainy stuff in the grooves of its brick-like design.

A footbed that doesn't get squidgy

The Karrimor Antibes has a watertight sole unit, making it completely non-absorbent. This characteristic is thanks to the construction of its straps, which aren't driven into the footbed but instead sandwiched between the insole and outsole.

Straps that rock

The straps of the Karrimor Antibes are very easy to work with and adjust, according to many adventurers. The "straps make them heaven to fit," says one of them. There's also someone with a bunion on their right toe that deeply appreciates the forefoot strap's high adjustability.

Antibes: A looker with a remarkable finish

Female reviewers love the overall design of the finely crafted Karrimor Antibes. One of them describes it as having "fashionable looks," while another one simply calls the sandal "fab."

Part of the budget-friendly club

Another eye-popping thing about the Karrimor Antibes is its list price of $75 (a price it shares with the Teva Mid Universal). It undercuts the average price of hiking sandals by $17.