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11 reasons to buy

  • This model is available in a pocket-friendly price range.
  • The K-Swiss Hoke CMF is presented in various colorways.
  • Many reviewers used the word "comfortable" to describe their experience while wearing this sneaker.
  • Few buyers shared that this pair is perfect for traveling as it is easy to style with any ensemble.
  • Quite a few users disclosed that this pair exhibits superb craftsmanship.
  • The excellent heel cushioning has been cited several times in the reviews.
  • This shoe runs true to size.
  • Some revealed that the Hoke CMF has roomy toe box.
  • Most reviewers highly recommended this footwear.
  • Hardly any buyers imparted that this sneaker is easy to clean by just wiping the dirt off with a damp cloth.
  • Many liked that this pair is very versatile. Some shared that they could wear their pair to work, afternoon at the mall, also while strolling at the park, and to their late night chill.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Few buyers complained that it took them a while to break-in their K-Swiss Hoke CMF.
  • A couple of buyers criticized the clunky sound this shoe creates when being used.
  • Some felt that the leather upper is tad stiff.
  • A reviewer griped that this sneaker has poor ventilation.
  • The arch support is unsatisfactory for a handful of wearers.

Bottom line

K-Swiss has been truthful to its longtime plan of keeping their vintage silhouette relevant to the current trend. The K-Swiss Hoke CMF boasts its tennis heritage that has been upgraded to fit the lifestyle arena. This shoe's stylish look echoes the renowned Adidas Superstar amped with reliable cozy insole to boost comfort while delivering a high-performance kick. However, some criticized this pair's poor arch support and cut-rate leather material; hence, knocking a point off from its overall ranking.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated K-Swiss sneaker
It has never been more popular than this June

The K-Swiss Hoke CMF is presented in both gender's sizing. Men can pick from sizes 6.5 to 14 while women have sizes 5 to 12 US in medium width. The brand incorporated collar and tongue cushioning for added comfort and support. Meanwhile, the soft fabric lining and the removable memory foam insole delivers superb cozy feel with every stride. This shoe uses the traditional lace-up fastening system for tailored, secure fit.

The low-top K-Swiss Hoke CMF showcased the crisp and refreshed take on a classic court silhouette. This modernized kick displays timeless details such as the leather five stripes, contrasting heel tab, and stitching on the leather upper. True to its tennis roots, this shoe has clean and straightforward look making it completely easy to style. Most users strut their Hoke CMF with any casual outfit such as jeans, shorts, or joggers paired with plain tees or button-down shirt.

Aside from the striking contrasting heel tab and five stripes details of the K-Swiss Hoke CMF, one feature that makes this pair noteworthy is the two D-rings found in the middle of the lacing system. Apart from the typical five metal eyelets, K-Swiss added two D-rings so that the lace can be thread through faster and easier.

Founded in 1966, K-Swiss Incorporated is considered one of the fastest footwear company in the shoe industry. Swiss brothers Ernest and Art Brunner moved to California from their Swiss Alps origin and bitten by tennis bug in Los Angeles. Their failure to search for a pair of tennis kick that suited their style prompted them into the idea of forming their shoe line.

K-Swiss name was coined from the slang term by the European kids for the word California. 'K' originated from the word 'Kalifornia' and the brothers added their nationality to symbolize the fusion of European and American lifestyle heritages. In the same year it was founded, the brand launched leather tennis footwear and one of the most popular is the K-Swiss Classic.

K-Swiss Classic was molded from key features of ski cleats - three-piece upper, five side bindings, and the five D-ring lacing system. These elements are suitable on the tennis courts as it provided ample ankle support essential in the lateral movements. Since then, K-Swiss turned as staple footwear on the green courts across the United States and beyond.

K-Swiss focused on gaining reputation by word of mouth and did not use any advertisements during its first two decades of existence. Unlike its competitors, K-Swiss relied on the performance and distinctive design of their iconic Classic silhouette. Later on, from tennis kicks, the brand decided to broaden its range of products and included climbing and aerobics footwear.

Fifty years after it was introduced, the K-Swiss remained faithful in delivering premium tennis sneakers with on and off court performance and style. The brand launched the Hoke Comfort Memory Foam iteration which showcases a fresh take on the vintage court sneaker.

  • This product weighs 368.5 grams.
  • It has a hard-wearing rubber outsole for superb traction on any surfaces.
  • K-Swiss Shield logo can be found on the tongue and embossed on the rubber midsole.
  • The insole is made of Comfort Memory Foam that delivers lasting comfort for all-day use.
  • It has perforations on the tongue for breathability.
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Danny McLoughlin

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