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11 reasons to buy

  • A person with a standard foot width stated that the K-Swiss Classic VN Aged Foil is a supportive sneaker.
  • Some users took notice of the EVA midsole and attested that it cushions the feet from impact.
  • Plenty of those who were in search of a metallic sneaker went for this low-top Classic VN version as its sheen makes it so stylish but not too flashy.
  • Lots of those who purchased this sneaker liked the use of rich quality leather on the cover.
  • A buyer of the metallic gold/white Classic VN Aged Foil loved the antique look on it.
  • A handful of users noted the smooth synthetic lining as it felt great on the skin.
  • A bunch of users noted that the removable padded sock liner gives all-day comfort and support.
  • Lots of delighted wear testers received compliments while clad in this sneaker.
  • Many who were lured to its classy makeup were delighted as it is great with jeans and shirt.
  • Some loved to wear it almost every day.
  • The D-rings kept the flat laces in place and ensured support throughout the day.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Several buyers found this Classic VN to be narrow.
  • Several consumers who went for an exact size griped that it felt tight in the toe area.
  • Quite a lot of users mentioned that this metallic K-Swiss sneaker is a half size too small.
  • A few observed that it tends to squeak when walking.

Bottom line

K-Swiss updated its Classic VN by dressing it up with a metallic sheen coating for added allure and spunk.  Branded as the low-top K-Swiss Classic VN Aged Foil, this sneaker is tailored after the old-school court models. This budget-friendly kick is adequately supported by an interchangeable cushioned sockliner and an exceptional shock absorption unit. The only factor that irked consumers is its narrow and tight frame, which can be remedied by sizing up in half.


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A relatively narrow-fitting sneaker, the K-Swiss Classic VN Aged Foil appeals to sassy consumers. Though it is available in women’s sizes from 5 to 11 US, no rule limits male shoppers who love its style from getting a pair. They merely need to pick one size up their usual size to enjoy the style and comfort benefits of the shoe. 

Go for a classic yet edgy look with a pair of K-Swiss Classic VN Aged Foil low-top sneaker. Let the touch of metallic shimmer -- either in rose gold, gold, silver, or white -- on this luxe-looking kick elevate your usual everyday casual ensemble. Whether you take it to school, work, parties, or trips, its classic façade gives you much freedom to stretch your style and be confidently alluring.

K-Swiss plunged into the metallic trend and whipped up its classic court legend into its extremely fab form, the Classic VN Aged Foil. Its distinctive leather coating gives the timeless style a new dimension. Adding up to this winsome asset is the presence of a liberally padded interior which can be felt from its thickset tongue and collar.

K-Swiss continues to experience a second wind especially now that the trend in fashion is geared towards the comeback of the 1990s popular styles. This brand was formed way back in 1966 as a purveyor of tennis shoes and migrated into street fashion during the retro era. It became one of the highly sought labels, particularly in the upscale market during the ‘90s, embraced not just by athletes and sports fans but by skaters, b-boys, preps, and jocks.

Through the years, K-Swiss managed to keep its product pipeline fresh and updated. Its 1966 inaugural tennis sneaker K-Swiss Classic gets reworked from time to time, more aggressively starting in 2000 with the launch of the Luxury Edition. The brand also experimented on different colorways that in 2001 it began adding shades like light-blue and beige into its sneaker spectrum.

Though the Classic is no longer suitable for court performances, this kick with a clean, original, and athletic flair still enjoys popularity to this day through modernized K-Swiss designs. The low-top K-Swiss Classic VN Aged Foil is one of the wholly transformed versions of the court legend. The modified iteration maintained the DNA of the original model yet coated with a metallic leather finish which makes it fitting for a wide array of casual wear.

  • The lace-up closure mimics the adjustable frontage of classic K-Swiss sneakers.
  • The flat laces are looped through a pair of eyelets and five sets of metal D-rings which are attached to the leather side stripes.
  • K-Swiss emblems are debossed on the tongue, heel, outsole, and lateral side of the midsole.
  • The medial side has two air holes that grant ventilation.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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