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8 reasons to buy

  • Most reviewers remarked that the K-Swiss Classic LX is a comfortable shoe.
  • Several long-time fans were happy that the brand's Classic range is continuously available in the market.
  • Some fashion-savvy consumers liked the timeless design of this kick as it could be easily dressed up or down.
  • Plenty of purchasers commended this pair's materials and construction for being of superb quality, as according to them it lasts years before it wears out.
  • The K-Swiss Classic LX is offered in various widths, which delighted shoe users with wide feet.
  • Majority of the purchasers found this kick to be true to size.
  • It is offered in a number of colorways.
  • Plenty of commenters mentioned that the K-Swiss Classic LX is an excellent product with great value for money.

1 reasons not to buy

  • A few wearers disclosed that this shoe doesn’t have ample support.

Bottom line

K-Swiss keep churning out their classics as alternative options to invigorate their audience and more importantly to provide choices to different consumer needs. The K-Swiss Classic LX updates the brand's most iconic shoe to indulge the wearer in luxury. With the upper being revamped with soft cashmere leather, overall comfort and durability are enhanced. The shoe remains faithful to its heritage by retaining its design and silhouette, offering wearers the Classic's time-tested appeal and boosting in-step experience at the same time.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated K-Swiss sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this June

The K-Swiss Classic LX is exclusively available in men's sizes that range from 6.5 to 13. Ladies who fancy a pair should go 1.5 sizes down from their standard shoe size. This kick is constructed to provide a true to fit that comes in Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide widths.

Sporting the Classic’s timeless design, the K-Swiss Classic LX exudes a familiar style that sends early sneakerheads to a trip down memory lane. Its retro, low-top charm remains stylish amidst today’s modern sneakers plus it makes for an easy pair to dress in any casual ensemble. Joggers or shorts are the standard choices for a day in school or when kicking back with friends. Or dress it up in casual business outfits for dinner or meetings.

The K-Swiss Classic’s recognizable silhouette continues in the Classic LX but now comes in a more indulgent cashmere leather upper that provides comfort and durability. This kick also features bigger D-ring eyestays to keep shoelaces in places. The three-piece toe stays true to its heritage while providing structure and sturdiness over time.

Established in 1966, two Swiss brothers named Art and Ernest Brunnerhad founded K-Swiss as a result of their obsession with tennis and skiing. It all started when they were looking for a pair of tennis shoes that are stylish, comfortable and durable enough for them to play in. Unsuccessful in their search, they saw the scarcity as a business opportunity and decided to start a company to compensate for the lack.

The brothers later released their first and most iconic shoe, the K-Swiss Classic – an all-leather tennis shoe that's influenced by a ski cleat. Ski cleat features like the five side bindings and D-ring lacing system were adapted to the Classic to provide stability and durability during the sport's lateral movements. The kick became so popular amongst tennis fans that it inevitably crossed onto the casual arena and was commonly worn by preppy kids in the 70s.

In the 90s, K-Swiss regained their presence in the market thanks to Steven Nichols who helped in the overhaul of the brand's marketing program. Their efforts were fruitful as the youth from urban backgrounds took notice and adapted the Classic. Today, the brand is targeting millennial entrepreneurs as their audience by offering amped up versions of their classic designs.

Just like any other footwear brand, K-Swiss retained their most iconic shoe, the K-Swiss Classic, and released it in different versions for loyal and new enthusiasts alike. The K-Swiss Classic LX is an amped up version of the original with its upper constructed from luxuriously soft cashmere leather that provides superb comfort and durability. The shoe is available in neutral colors that are sure to make pairing a breeze.

  • The ‘LX’ in the shoe’s name means Luxury.
  • The shoe’s collar and tongue are padded for added comfort and cushioning.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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