We spent 6.8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

12 reasons to buy

  • An overwhelming majority of reviewers found the K-Swiss Classic 88 to be very comfortable.
  • A few wearers claim that the kick provides ample support, which makes it ideal for all-day wear.
  • The shoe fits true to size, according to most consumers' opinions.
  • A good number of commenters appreciate that it now comes in width variations.
  • It is available in a number of colorways.
  • Plenty of long-time fans of the K-Swiss Classic said that this kick is a great shoe then and now.
  • Most consumers admired the shoe's sophisticated and simple design. Some have added that it is arguably the best looking tennis shoe available on the market.
  • A good number of practical purchasers liked the tonal black colorway as, according to them, it could pass as casual business footwear.
  • Many of the consumers deemed the all-white colorway to be versatile and classic, which never goes out of style and suits any age.
  • Most commenters mentioned that their pair's materials and construction are of excellent quality that some have added that it lasted years before falling apart.
  • A handful of wearers were delighted that they still receive compliments even though the kick's been available for decades already.
  • Retailing for $75, the K-Swiss Classic 88 is regarded as a great product at an affordable price.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some shoe users complained that the shoe lacks breathability.
  • A few disclosed that the shoe required some break-in time and tended to dig into the Achilles.
  • A video reviewer noticed that it creased quite easily after a few uses.

Bottom line

Amidst all the high-tech footwear in the market the old school, classic kicks are the ones that endure and stay around the longest. First introduced in the 60s, the K-Swiss Classic 88 is a timeless shoe preferred by most practical users who value both comfort and style. It is a versatile pair that is not as ubiquitous as the Stan Smiths, which could give you cool points for being unique. Launched at $75, the Classic 88 is a budget-friendly kick that is well built with great style.


The K-Swiss Classic 88 is a reissue of the OG version that is now made available in both men's and women's sizes. The gentlemen can choose from sizes 6.5 to 15 while the ladies can choose from sizes 5 to 12. Width variations are also offered in Slim, Medium and Extra Wide. The shoe's leather upper requires some time to break in but ultimately fits true to size.

Aptly named, the K-Swiss Classic 88 is a classic shoe through and through due to its enduring style that goes beyond trends. It also stays true to its heritage by donning the same minimal design as its older sibling, but this time the Classic 88 features a fuller silhouette as it made room for more in-step support. 

Channel your inner retro style by opting for the Classic 88 and pairing it with your casual staples. A pair of jeans and a shirt could be a safe and typical option for a laidback day, but the best thing about the kick is it could be dressed up for work and casual business occasions by pairing it with suits or uniforms.

Keeping the OG Classic's spirit alive, the K-Swiss Classic 88 still features the brand's iconic D-ring lace-up system, five-stripe side branding, and three-piece toe that they became known for. This kick's distinct feature from the OG is its bulkier silhouette – thicker midsole and plushier in-step comfort. Some colorways feature a dark brown lining that creates a nice design contrast.

K-Swiss was introduced as a footwear company in 1966. Two Swiss brothers named Art and Ernest Brunner who has an obsession with tennis and skiing pioneered it. They were on the hunt for a pair of tennis shoes that are stylish, durable and comfortable enough for them to play in. Unable to find the right shoe, they saw a business opportunity and decided to create it.

The brothers eventually came up with the K-Swiss Classic – an all-leather tennis shoe that took inspiration from a ski cleat. Attributes like five side bindings and D-ring lacing system were adapted onto the Classic to aid in the sport's lateral movements. The kick became so well-known amongst tennis fans that it eventually crossed onto the lifestyle sneaker arena and was frequently worn by preppy kids in the 70s.

In the 90s, Steven Nichols took an interest in the company and boosted K-Swiss's presence in the market by hiring experts in marketing. It was so successful that the brand garnered the attention of the youth from the urban setting. Today, the brand is targeting millennial entrepreneurs as their market by offering amped up versions of their classic heritage designs.

Just like any other classic footwear, K-Swiss retained their most iconic footwear, the K-Swiss Classic and reissued it for the loyal and new fans alike. The K-Swiss Classic 88 is a reiteration of the original release, as it looks virtually the same to the naked eye. But the brand noted that the Classic 88 features updates in comfort and has a fuller silhouette. It is now available in various colorways and widths.

  • The K-Swiss Classic 88’s insoles are removable.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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