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Do you want a hiking-inspired trainer for your K-Swiss collection? K-Swiss Cali Trail is perfect for you. This leather low-top pays homage to the OG hiking sneakers of the brand in the ‘90s. Revamped with current technology, Cali Trail offers durability, maximum comfort, and virtual weightlessness even for a price that is not heavy for the pocket.


  • Stays comfortable even when worn for 8+ hours
  • Supportive
  • Retro rugged vibes
  • Ample cushioning
  • Not heavy
  • Durable
  • Great value for money


  • Runs wide
  • Stiff leather needs time to break-in

Who should buy K-Swiss Cali Trail

Cali Trail is a perfect match for those who are:

  • Looking for light and cushy hiking kicks
  • In the market to buy durable retro-inspired sneakers
  • Shopping for comfortable everyday trainers that are not heavy on the wallet. 

K-Swiss Cali Trail kswiss-cali-trail-laces

Who should not buy it

 If you want to switch to other brands, Nike ACG Air Mada offers no break-in period and is just the right fit. Reebok Zig Kinetica II Edge is another cool-looking hiking sneaker that is best for people with narrow feet. 

Cali Trail runs a bit wide

Based on the reviews, the kicks are on the wider end. “Great shoe but it was not true to size,” reported one tester. “This shoe was at least half size too big,” they added. According to a reviewer with a wide foot, the fit is “very good.” Another tester who had swelling on their feet shared that the kicks are “a perfect fit.” For additional reading, check this K-Swiss shoe size guide

K-Swiss Cali Trail kswiss-cali-trail-sole-forefoot

Feel good comfort of K-Swiss Cali Trail

The Cali Trail is a very comfortable shoe according to the reviewers. The shoe looks great and “at the end of the day, it still feels comfortable,” shared on sneaker fan. One tester even said that the kicks offer “comfort beyond [their] expectations.” 

According to one sneakerhead who is working 10-hour shifts, their feet “feel good” whenever they wear the kicks. One user who is working on a cement floor for 8 hours also mentioned that they like the comfortable cushion of the kicks. “They are comfortable,” they assured. 

K-Swiss Cali Trail kswiss-cali-trail-side-panel

The kicks have a supportive footbed

Many reviewers praised the support the sneakers provide. The kicks provide support for the whole day, said one tester. The shoes are “good for arches,” a sneakerhead pointed out. “Superb footbed!” exclaimed another tester.

K-Swiss Cali Trail kswiss-cali-trail-insole

Outdoor-meets-everyday casual aesthetic

The reviewers in general love the appealing aesthetics of the Cali Trail. “Really like the style and the way they look,” wrote one sneaker fan in their review. The inspiration for the design of the sneaker is the hiking-inspired line from K-Swiss in the ‘90s. One sneaker addict admits that they now have six pairs of these kicks! “The style is awesome!” they reasoned out. 

K-Swiss Cali Trail kswiss-cali-trail-midsole

Get your money’s worth 

With a price tag of $75, many sneakerheads say that the kicks are great for their price. In comparison, the average cost of K-Swiss low-top sneaks on RunRepeat database is $73. 

Good to know

Here are additional things you need to know before buying K-Swiss Cali Trail:

  • The kicks need some time to be broken in. One sneakerhead emphasized giving them a little at a time because “they are stiff and the leather needed to soften.”
  • Weight is not an issue for these hiking-inspired sneakers. They are “super light,” explained one reviewer. 
  • You can also rely on their durability. “I have had these for quite some time and show very little wear,” shared one tester. “Very good workmanship.”

K-Swiss Cali Trail kswiss-cali-trail-tongue