Who should buy the Jordan Zoom Separate

Designed with Luka Doncic's preferences and style of play in mind, the Zoom Separate is clearly more suitable for players who dig it just like him. Specifically, these are players whose movements are more focused on the forefoot area.

Jordan Zoom Separate zoom separate buy

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Jordan

Luka Doncic's Jordan Zoom Separate won't be too helpful for the following players:

  • Heel strikers, because the rear part of the shoe has a lot of deficiencies
  • Narrow footers, because there is already some wiggle room even for normal-sized wearers
  • Outdoor hoopers, because while the sole is sturdy, the upper materials are not

The Nike KD 14 is going to be a good alternative to this.

Jordan Zoom Separate zoom separate not buy 

The traction works... as long as the court is clean

There are no problems with grip as long as the game is played on clean courts. 

Jordan Zoom Separate zoom separate traction

The outsole attracts dust, so wiping will definitely be needed when playing on dirtier surfaces.

The Jordan Zoom Separate pampers the forefoot, that's for sure

If the forefoot and the heel were siblings, the forefoot is definitely this shoe's favorite. It is better cushioned and more well supported. 

Jordan Zoom Separate zoom separate forefoot

The upper wraps around the foot comfortably

The upper is composed of materials that aren't so premium, but this doesn't stop it from providing much needed comfort and breathability.

Jordan Zoom Separate zoom separate upper

The materials are also soft enough to not need any break-in period.

The Zoom Separate is NOT for outdoor use

OK hear us out. The outsole is definitely sturdy; however it attracts too much dust, and outdoor games are expectedly dusty.

Jordan Zoom Separate zoom separate outdoors

While they are comfortable indeed, the upper materials still aren't the most durable.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Signature: Luka Doncic
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Jordan Zoom Separate
Colorways: Blue / Black
SKUs: DH0248030 / DH0249001 / DH0249003 / DH0249030 / DH0249051 / DH0249130 / DH0249141 / DH0249400 / DH0249471

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