Our verdict


The Proto-React is an oddball when put beside the more common basketball-inspired retro Jordan shoes. Featuring a look that resembles utility shoes in a flimsy bootie-like assembly, this Jumpman kick brings the Jordan-feel to a different kind of aesthetic. With a vibe that is definitely more casual than sporty and heavenly React at its sole, it makes for a very memorable and niche sneaker in the Jordan line.


  • Suitable for long walks
  • Snug fit
  • Good for winters
  • Durable construction
  • Water-resistant upper
  • Sticky sole
  • Amazing aesthetic details


  • Doesn’t provide much structure
  • Pricey

Who should buy the Jordan Proto-React

The Jordan Proto-React is perfect for those who:

  • Want to rock Jordan sneakers that go with a more casual style
  • Are looking for winter sneakers with the technology to go the distance in colder months.

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-laces

Who should not buy it

The Jordan Air Cadence delivers amazing value at a good price. The Jordan Delta shares a similar design in a cheaper and more versatile shoe while being good for summers because of its breathability.

The Jordan Proto-React is a different animal

Unlike the traditional retro Jordan sneakers, the Jordan Proto-React takes on a fresh form. Its upper is wrapped with a spacesuit-inspired cover and a foot-hugging inner bootie. 

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-tip-upper

The Jordan Proto-React is an ideal daily driver

Those who got a pair loved having it on their feet. Its full-length React foam delivered on people’s expectations of the technology, is described as “super nice” and having a good “compression feel.” Although its insole is thick, it doesn’t contain a board at the bottom, which was appreciated by a tester for helping “feel the actual React under the foot.”

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-collartop

Besides that, its padding was found to be on the thin side near the tip of the sneaker, getting “foamier and thicker near the ankle area.” Because of this, the sneaker felt good on foot “without the bulky feeling.” 

The Jordan Proto-React is locked-in

A reviewer found the shoe’s stability “surprisingly good” considering it isn’t stiff. Furthermore, people loved its snug fit, credited mostly to the adjustable Jumpman strap on its heel.

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-heelsole

Its rubber sole towards the ends of the sneaker was found to be grippy, keeping people on their toes. However, the exposed foam near the midfoot area of the sole was seen to have a high risk for wear, especially considering the amount of contact it gets.

The Jordan Proto-React can tough it out

The sneaker was seen more as a winter sneaker, especially by a tester who said its upper was “super hot,” making it good for colder days with the bonus of having a water-resistant upper.

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-uppertop

In addition, a wearer found that the materials used in the sneaker “probably last forever even with heavy use” contributing to an already robust sneaker.

The Jordan Proto-React gets the details right

Sneakerheads praised the Jordan details of the sneaker, including the:

  • Jumpman strap on the back of the snake
  • The designed aglets on the ends of the laces
  • The embossed ‘23’ below the sole of the sneaker.

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-heelback

People are generally 50/50 with the overall look of the sneaker, especially with the shape of the sole and the look of the upper.

The Jordan Proto-React is strictly a lifestyle sneaker

Testers see the shoe more as a lifestyle shoe rather than an athletic sneaker. One of them attributes this mainly due to it having “no real structural support.”

Jordan Proto-React jordan-proto-react-back

The Jordan Proto-React is on the expensive side

The Jordan Proto-React retails at $150 making it more expensive than the average price of a Jordan sneaker at $135. Even though some reviewers acknowledged that the React foam may have pushed the price up a bit, they are 50/50 on whether this is a good price for what they are getting.