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The Jordan CP3 12 supports the foot adequately, and it reportedly has excellent traction even on outdoor courts. Jordan also employs materials on this shoe that offer a pleasant feel. The fact that it’s just for $100 makes this shoe such a fantastic pair to have, especially for those folks who want to save money.


  • Materials feel really nice
  • Plush insole
  • Durable outsole
  • Comfortable upper
  • Affordable
  • Versatile traction
  • Excellent cushioning system


  • Unsupportive vamp
  • Requires regular outsole cleaning

Who should buy the Jordan CP3 12

The Jordan CP3 12 is for you if you prefer:

  • A basketball shoe with a grippy and sturdy outsole for concrete outdoor courts.
  • Footgear with adequate midsole cushioning that protects the feet from stress and tensions. 

Jordan CP3 12 Logo1

Profile of the Jordan CP3 12

Jordan and Chris Paul are definitely not playing games as they collaboratively work on another signature model for the Houston Rocket star. The Jordan CP3 12 sheds the strap that prominently characterizes the eleventh shoe, leaving it with a streamlined look and silhouette. This clean look is also due to the fact that it is made of performance knit with leather backing on some parts.

Jordan CP3 12 Profile1

Because Chris Paul is a player who relies heavily on speed, the phylon cushion is further reinforced with Zoom Air in the forefoot. This technology ensures that each step to the basket is adequately fueled.

Jordan CP3 12 Profile2

The rubber outsole of the signature model features at least three modifications of the time-tested herringbone pattern. Each modification is suited to the amount of pressure anticipated in the area where it is placed.

Jordan CP3 12 Outsole1


Cushion. The twelfth version of Chris Paul’s signature basketball shoes sports Zoom Air on the forefoot. This Nike/Jordan technology maximizes speed, which is precisely what Chris Paul needs on the court. It is said that the phylon-and-Zoom-Air combination delivers just the right amount of impact protection and responsiveness.

Jordan CP3 12 Midsole1

Traction. After more than fourteen years as a professional basketball player, Chris Paul and his designers already know what types of traction patterns work best for fast players like him. The CP3 12 features the good old herringbone, but there are modifications, and the modifications in the pattern vary depending on which area of the sole they are found.

Jordan CP3 12 Outsole2

The middle of the forefoot features the classic herringbone. Surrounding this area is still herringbone, but its edges are more rounded, and the lines are more widely spaced. Covering the rest of the sole is a herringbone pattern that is more closely spaced, but the slopes are less steep and the edges more rounded so the pattern looks like waves with quite wide wavelengths.

Jordan CP3 12 Outsole3


Length and Width. Not much has been said about how the Jordan CP3 12 fits. Hence, new buyers are advised to just go with their usual sizes to be on the safe side. After all, this signature model is made of knit materials, and shoes that are made of this material usually have a sock-like fit.

Jordan CP3 12 Fit1

Lockdown. These signature Jordan basketball shoes are equipped with a lacing system that helps ensure lateral stability, especially during motion.

Jordan CP3 12 Fit3

Aside from this, each shoe also has a leather quarter panel that keeps the foot in place when the wearer does aggressive cuts to the basket. Finally, the fact that the shoe is made of performance knit is almost a giveaway that lockdown is going to be great.

Jordan CP3 12 Fit4


The upper of the Jordan CP3 12 is made of performance knit with synthetic overlays that add durability and structure. This material is stretchy and accommodates the peculiar angles that fast-paced movements often bring about. Tempering the oftentimes excessive flexibility of knit materials, a leather underlay is added. This addition ensures a fairly secure lockdown.

Jordan CP3 12 Material1


The 12th rendition of Chris Paul’s signature kicks is marked with a new logo. Located prominently on top of the tongue, this new logo features an image of an owl that is composed of the different zodiac symbols of the members of Chris Paul’s family.

Jordan CP3 12 Style1

Jordan’s Jumpman logo is found on the heel counter. Another Jumpman, albeit smaller than the other, is conveniently seen on a special overlay on the fore-lateral side of the shoe.

Jordan CP3 12 Style2

Special Colorways of the Jordan CP3 12

The Jordan CP3 12 debuted in at least three colorways, which are the following:

  • Jordan CP3 12 ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’
  • Jordan CP3 12 ‘Leader of the Pack'
  • Jordan CP3 12 ‘Unfinished Business’

Jordan CP3 12 Colorways1